Mom Cars - Safe, Reliable and Something for Every Budget!
Looking for the best mom car for you and your family? We offer you a choice of Hyundai vehicles that will fit the bill!

Mom Cars – The Coolest, Safest and Most Affordable in SA!

Motherhood can be tough sometimes, and we at Hyundai understand this, which is why we have a range of vehicles that not only support the day to day issues that mothers encounter, but that are specifically designed with the modern mom in mind. Need to call the kids? No problem, as our Bluetooth system has you covered! Need to rush a bunch of kids down to the local soccer field or ballet school? Our SUV’s Crossovers and People Carriers have that covered too! There is in our honest opinion no better mom car on the market than the ones we are happy to present to you below. They include the best cars for a single mom, cute mom cars, cool mom cars, sporty mom cars, and even luxury mom cars (as well as everything else inbetween). But the one thing that they all have in common, however, is the outstanding build quality that Hyundai is renowned for, and a safety rating that helps to ensure that your nearest and dearest are safe in the arms of our outstanding mom cars.

Check List – Must Have’s in a Mom Car

  • Space, space, space
  • Folding down back seats
  • Large trunk
  • Ability to fit multiple car seats
  • Side airbags
  • Overall safety rating and features
  • Bluetooth in car phone system
  • Number of doors or sliding door for easy entry
  • Keyless Entry

Our Hyundai Top 10 Mom Cars!

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10: The Mother of All Entry Level Cars!

Seat Configuration: 2 front & 3 rear with 60/40 split rear seatback

Boot Space: 225-litre boot capacity

Safety Features:

  • Height-Adjustable Driver’s Seat
  • Driver Airbag
  • Front & Rear Crumple Zones
  • Side Impact Protection Beams

Fuel Consumption:

  • 5.8 L/100km
  • 17.24 km/litre

One of South Africa’s top selling entry level cars is also one of the country’s most popular single mom cars. Packed full of safety and comfort features, the Hyundai i10 gives you a lot of bang for your bucks.

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Hyundai Grand i10

Grand i10: Cool Car 4 Kids!

Seat Configuration: 2 front & 3 rear with 60/40 split rear seatback

Boot Space: 256-litre and 1,200-litre with rear seats folded down

Safety Features:

  • ABS with EBD
  • Driver and Passenger Airbags
  • Impact Sensing Door
  • Child Lock on Rear Doors

Fuel Consumption:

  • 5.9 L/100km (Manual)
  • 6.9 L/100km (Automatic)

One of the grandest first-time mom cars on the road! This is the premier entry level vehicle that comes standard with an impressive array of features.

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Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20: Every Journey Safe & Sound!

Seat Configuration: 2 front & 3 rear with 60/40 split rear seatback

Boot Space: 294-litre boot capacity

Safety Features:

  • Driver & Passenger Airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Fog Lights
  • Central Locking
  • Remote Entry & Alarm

Fuel Consumption:

  • 1.2 manual 5,9 L/100km
  • 1.4 manual 6,5 L/100km
  • 1,4 automatic 7,5 L/100km

Safe, stylish, fun to drive and reliable, this is the mom car that you’ve been waiting for! Now you can go further for less in the latest Hyundai i20 – an amazing car for kids!

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Hyundai i30

Hyundai i30: The Envy of Mothers Everywhere!

Seat Configuration: 2 front & 3 rear

Boot Space: 395-litres of storage, rising to 1,301 litres when the seats are folded down

Safety Features:

  • Driver, Passenger, Side & Curtain Airbags
  • ABS
  • ESP
  • VSM
  • Flex Steer Functionality

Fuel Consumption:

  • 1.6 Premium 7.68 L/100km
  • 1.6 Premium Auto 8.16 L/100km
  • 1.8 Executive 7.8 L/100km

Ahead of its time in almost every way, the Hyundai i30 is a top mom’s car thanks to its ample comfort features and outstanding safety levels.

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Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent: Motherhood is an adventure

Seat Configuration: 2 front & 3 rear

Boot Space: 465-litre boot capacity

Safety Features:

  • Driver & Passenger Airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Central Locking

Fuel Consumption:

  • Sedan 1.6 Manual 7.32 L/100km
  • Sedan 1.6 Automatic 7.7 L/100km
  • Hatch 1.6 Manual 7.7 L/100km
  • Hatch 1.6 Automatic 8.2 L/100km

Introduce yourself to a new level of family luxury that is perfect for moms on the go. Easy and fun to drive and packed full of some of the automotive world’s best safety features, this is a sedan that one of the safest cars for kids and is as happy on the side of a football pitch as it is outside of a dance studio.

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Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra: Experience Motherhood in Style!

Seat Configuration: 2 front & 3 rear

Boot Space: 420-litre boot capacity

Safety Features:

  • Driver & Passenger Airbags
  • Front & Rear Crumple Zones
  • Auto Unlocking Doors
  • Remote Central Locking
  • Alarm
  • Front & Rear Fog Lights
  • Rain Sensors
Fuel Consumption:
  • 1.6 Manual 6,4 Litres/100km
  • 1.6 Automatic 6,9 Litres/100km

This is what is meant when people refer to “luxury mom cars”! It is the sort of vehicle that will have your kids school friends talking and their parents giving you envious stares.

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Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta: Placing Your Families Safety First!

Seat Configuration: 2 front & 3 rear

Boot Space: 400-litre boot capacity

Safety Features:

  • Driver, Passenger, Side & Curtain Airbags
  • ABS & EBD
  • LED Positioning Lights
  • Keyless Entry
  • Auto-Locking Doors

Fuel Consumption:

  • 1.6 Manual 7,9 L/100km
  • 1.6 Automatic 8,4 L/100km
  • 1.6 Diesel Automatic 7,4 L/100km

One of the newest Hyundai SUV’s in South Africa is also one of the best moms cars! Stylish, and with just the right amount of sportiness, thanks to its ample interior dimensions this is one of the best suv’s for 3 kids in car seats.

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Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson: Motherhood is an Adventure

Seat Configuration: 2 front & 3 rear

Boot Space: 513-litre boot capacity

Safety Features:

  • Driver, Passenger, Side & Curtain Airbags
  • ABS and EBD
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Auto Locking Doors

Fuel Consumption:

  • 2.0 NU Manual 8,9 Litres/100km
  • 2.0 NU Automatic 9,0 Litres/100km
  • 2.0 NU Automatic 9,0 Litres/100km
  • 1.6 T GDI Manual 8,3 Litres/100km
  • 1.6 T GDI DCT 8,5 Litres/100km

The ever popular Tucson is a mom SUV that is guaranteed to be a hit with the entire family! With aggressive stylings that’ll make dad happy and safety and comfort features that’ll appeal to all moms, this is one of our top moms cars.

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Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe: It’s Yummy Mummy!

Seat Configuration: 5 Seater & 7 Seater Available

Boot Space: 585 litres in 5-seater & 516 litres in 7-seater

Safety Features:

  • Driver, Passenger, Side and Curtain Airbags
  • ABS with EBP & ESP
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • ISOFIX Child Seat Attachments
  • Remote Keyless Entry & Alarm
  • Smart Key with Push-Button Start

Fuel Consumption:

  • R2.2 2WD 8,0 Litres/100km
  • R2.2 AWD 8,3 Litres/100km

Our top of the line family SUV is perfect for moms and dads thanks to its rugged good looks, ample comfort features, outstanding leg, head and boot space, as well as safety features that are second to none.

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Hyundai H1

Hyundai H1 Wagon: Mom’s Taxi!

Seat Configuration: 6 & 9 Seater Available

Boot Space: Manual 852-litres & Automatic 842-litres

Safety Features:

  • Driver and Passenger Airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Fog Lights
  • Side Impact Protection Beams
  • Remote Keyless Entry & Alarm
  • Child Lock on Rear Doors

Fuel Consumption:

  • 2.4 GLS 12.2 Litres/100km
  • 2.5CRDi GLS 11.8 Litres/100km

If you’ve always wanted to be the stylish minivan mom on the block, then this is the vehicle that’ll get you there! Perfect for even the biggest families, the H1 Wagon will handle the kids, grandparents, pets and friends with ease!

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Best Cars for Mom!

Moms always want the best for their kids, so it should come as no surprise that they also want the best vehicles to keep their loved ones safe on South African roads. This is one of the reasons why Hyundai cars, SUV’s and minivans are so popular with SA moms and dads, as their safety and comfort features are classing leading across the board. But what is also of great help to moms looking for great family cars, is that our Hyundai vehicles are multipurpose. In fact, we have a car, SUV or minivan for almost every conceivable occasion and budget! Take a look below to see what we mean…

Best Car for a Single Mom: Safe, affordable and comfortable, we recommend the i10, Grand i10, i20, Accent or Elantra.

Mom Cars that Are Not Minivans: All of the vehicles on this page, except the H1 Wagon, are not Minivans.

Sporty Mom Cars: Although not sports cars, all of our vehicles have a sporty looking and feel to them. It is, in fact, part of our design ethos and is beautifully illustrated in the new Tucson, Santa Fe, Creta, Elantra and i30.

Best Car for Mum and Baby: Although all of our vehicles come with some of the best safety features in their class, we highly recommend that you look at the Tucson and Santa Fe thanks to the ample boot space, raised ride and nextgen safety features.

Mom SUV’s: You cannot go wrong with the Creta, Tucson and Santa Fe!

Mom Cars With Good Milage: Fuel frugal engines that don’t skimp on power are a big part of what Hyundai is all about, so take any one of our vehicles for a test drive and see for yourself. However, the standout vehicles are the i10, Grand i10, i20 and Accent!

Cars for 4 Kids: A big load and 4 passengers needs a sizable and reliable vehicle such as Hyundai H1 Wagon. With 6 and 9 seater options, this is the go to vehicle for moms who need plenty of extra space.

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