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Our Service Centre Promise To You

All Hyundai vehicles are fantastic to drive, but while most of the components of your car are built to last at least 100,000 kilometres, there are some that will need regular changing and servicing to keep your driving experience is fantastic.

Materials such as oil, filters, fluids and other various parts are designed to protect the more expensive items, such as your engine and gearbox, from damage, and as such need to be regularly serviced and periodically replaced to ensure the optimum performance of your Hyundai vehicle. For this reason, we at Group 1 have invested heavily in our Hyundai technical and maintenance teams so that they can give you the best possible vehicle service each and every time you visit us.

Did you know? Regular servicing at Hyundai garages helps you to protect your Hyundai against costly wear and tear as well as maintain a good resale value.

The Benefits of A Genuine Hyundai Service

  • Regular servicing of your Hyundai will ensure that your driving experience is tiptop for years to come!
  • Prevent wear and tear on your engine
  • Improves vehicle safety
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Full service history improves trade in value
  • Safety checks identify faults warning systems don’t

For more information about the benefits of servicing your vehicle, use to form and we’ll contact you right back!

A Genuine Hyundai Service

Our dedicated Hyundai service centres are staffed by highly trained specialist technicians who use only Hyundai approved genuine parts. In fact, each and every one of our service centre staff have undergone extensive training at the Hyundai Academy, which means that they can diagnose, isolate and repair almost any conceivable mechanical problem that your vehicle might encounter. Please use the contact form above to get hold of us and one of our service personnel will get right back to you.

Booking Your Hyundai Vehicle Service

In order to ensure that your vehicle runs with optimum efficiency and minimal wear and tear, it is vital that you service your car regularly. A service carried out by qualified Hyundai technicians will help you to identify potential problems and repair them with genuine Hyundai parts before they become costly or dangerous.

We are also open on Saturdays for your convenience.

Please complete the car service booking form below and our service department will contact you shortly to make the booking.

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Alternatively you can call one of our Hyundai service centres on:

Group 1 Hyundai Midrand (Gauteng)
Tel: 011 312 2678 / 060 971 1946

Group 1 Hyundai Knysna (Western Cape)
Tel: 044 302 2600 / 081 530 4342

  Service Promotions on Older Hyundai Vehicles  
  Valid from April 2019 until further notice. T&C’s apply  
  Model Oil Service Minor Service Major Service  
  Atos (Pre-2019 model) R999 Starting from R1,499 Starting from R2,399  
  H100 (Pre-2012 models) R1,399 Starting from R2,199 Starting from R3,099  
  Tuscon (Out-of-warranty vehicles. 2005 – 2010 models) R1,299 Starting from R1,599 Starting from R2,999  
  Getz R999 Starting from R1,499 Starting from R2,699  
  i10 (not Grand i10) R1,099 Starting from R1,699 Starting from R3,099  
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“I had to bring my car in on Friday 6 March for its yearly service, because there was a noise and I was told it was the clutch cable but only on collection of the car as it was not part of the service.

I was frustrated as I needed it fixed quickly; I couldn’t be without my car. I was addressed by Russel who really came to my rescue. He spoke to me and made arrangements to actually collect my car, as I am unable to take time off work in order to bring it in.

He and his assistant honestly went the extra mile. They collected my car, fixed it and had it back at my workplace in less time than I expected it to take!!!

I drive a Hyundai i10 but was treated as if I drove the most expensive vehicle of Hyundai! Needless to say I was so surprised by it all.

They were absolutely friendly, professional and helpful during the whole process. The employees add value to the branch and will only accumulate more and more customers, especially by word of mouth of their great service.

Thank you guys! You were awesome!!!”

Mrs C. Patterson

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