Hyundai i10 - Price, Fuel Consumption & Safety Features
The Very Affordable Hyundai i10 Looks Exceptionally Good in Red

Searching for the Hyundai i10?

The ever-popular Hyundai i10 helped to redefine the way people viewed small hatchbacks and introduced a new generation of drivers to the Hyundai brand. Today it has grown into the Hyundai Grand i10, a vehicle which is as big in personality and features as its name implies. All of the quality and reliability hallmarks of this original i10 are still here in our Used Hyundai i10 Range as well as in the exceptional Grand i10, you just need to decide which one is right for you!

Did You Know? The original Hyundai i10 might be gone, but it has led to the return of the ever-popular Hyundai Atos! This feature-rich hatchback has taken the proven reliability of the Atos name and turned it into one of the best entry-level cars in South Africa. Visit our Group 1 Hyundai Atos page to find out more!

Looking for something similar to the Hyundai i10 or Grand i10? Then why not also take a look at the Hyundai i20! It’s a hatchback with an impressive pedigree and a whole lot of cabin and luggage space to boot. You can visit our Hyundai i20 page for more information here.

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With its sporty design, stylish interior and exceptional performance, the all-new Atos definitely checks all of the right boxes!

  • Affordable
  • Stylish Good Looks
  • Proven Reliability
  • Excellent Safety Features
  • Ultra-Low Fuel Consumption Figures
  • Loads of Comfort and Convenience Features
  • 235ℓ Boot Capacity
  • Connectivity Features include Apple CarPlay, hands-free calls and Whatsapp messaging*
  • 50 kW of Power and 99 Nm of Torque
  • Top Speed of 148 km/h

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*Hands-free calls and Whatsapp messaging apps need to be loaded independently from the original software installation.

Find a Used Hyundai i10

Our Latest Used Hyundai i10 Vehicles

The i10

The Hyundai i10 Car (or Hyundai 110 as it is sometime incorrectly called) is one of the most exciting new cars on the South African market. This new zippy urban challenger features twined performance and economy with a smooth supple ride, making driving fun!

Built to be a small urban compact car, the i10 is for independent thinkers with busy lives. Packed with features such as electric front windows, CD audio system, and air conditioning, the i10 Car represents real value for money in an ultra convenient car.

With easily foldable rear seats, the i10’s already impressive 225-litre boot capacity can be converted into a large cargo area, perfect for pets or moving, and with a cleverly designed interior, this car feels more spacious than other larger cars.

The i10 Car is designed with safety in mind, and with front and rear crumple zones, passenger and driver airbags, central locking, you can focus on pure driving pleasure.Whether the i10 is your first car, a student car or just an ultra cost-effective city hatch, an i10 from Group 1 Hyundai Knysna makes perfect sense.

Read more about the Hyundai i10 Cars Reliability and Safety in our 2021 Hyundai i10 brochure!

Is it a fun drive? Yes. After comfortably slipping into the Hyundai i10’s height adjustable driver’s seat, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a bird’s eye view wherever you go. You’ll also get to reap the benefits of the nippy hatch’s power steering, small turning circle and modest dimensions, which allow you to conquer the challenge of fitting into the tiniest parking spots. And handling? The i10 lets you confidently take on corners while its light and responsive steering puts you in complete control.

Considering the Hyundai i10’s extensive range of comfort features, safety specs and quality finishes, its fantastically low retail price comes as a very pleasant surprise. Not only does it retail from just barely over R100k, but it’s also extremely kind to your fuel budget with ultra low consumption figures that make it possible to travel distances of over 21km on only one litre of fuel.

Three petrol-driven, 5-door models complete the Hyundai i10 range. Whatever your choice, one thing’s for certain, you’re guaranteed to get a whole lot of bang for your buck.

Did you know that the i10 has won numerous awards including:

2012 – Best City Car : Auto Express
2010 – Green Car Award : What Car Magazine
2010 – South African Initial Quality Study Award

Come and test drive the i10 and see for yourself why it was one of Car Magazine “top 12 Best Buys 2012!”

Find out more about the Hyundai i10 Fuel Consumption Figures in this chart.

Hyundai i10 Fuel Consumption*

One of the many advantages of modern small cars, besides the fact that they zip neatly around corners and into parking spaces, is that they are normally exceptionally light on fuel, and the i10 is no exception with the compact 35-litre tank being the perfect size for such impressive Hyundai i10 Fuel Consumption Figures*:

1.1 Hyundai i10 Motion M/T 1.1 Hyundai i10 Motion A/T
4.8 litre per 100km 5.7 litre per 100km

Added to this, the Hyundai i10 Range is exceptionally kind to the environment, thanks to the following impressive CO2 Emission Figures:

1.1 Hyundai i10 Motion M/T 1.1 Hyundai i10 Motion A/T
114 grams per km 135 grams per km

Compare the Hyundai i10 fuel consumption figures with the all-new Hyundai Atos! *Subject to our Fuel Consumption Disclaimer **European Testing

Hyundai i10 Colours

Aqua Blue

Hyundai i10 Safety Features

With a rigid and tough body structure and intelligent infrastructure, the i10 puts safety first.

The i10 Motion comes with the following safety features as standard:

  • Height Adjustable Driver’s Seat
  • Driver Airbag
  • Crumple Zones Front & Rear
  • Side Impact Protection Beams

The i10 Fluid and i10 Glide also comes with:

  • ABS with EBD
  • Passenger Airbag Disable Function
  • Remote Keyless Entry with Alarm

Hyundai i10 Dimensions

The i10 is the perfect compact city car!

  • Overall i10 Length: 3585mm
  • Overall i10 Width: 1595mm
  • Overall i10 Height: 1540mm

The New Hyundai Atos is even bigger than the original Hyundai i10!

Hyundai i10 Colours

The Hyundai i10 is available in five different colours to match your personality:

  • Electric Red
  • Alpine Blue
  • Phantom Black
  • Carbon Gray
  • Sleek Silver

Frequently Asked Hyundai i10 Questions and Answers

What are the variants of the Hyundai i10?

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There are currently two variants of the Hyundai i10 available in South Africa. Both have the same standard features, but one variant comes with a manual transmission and the other comes with an automatic transmission. They are the i10 1.1 Motion 5-Speed Manual and the i10 1.1 Motion 4-Speed Automatic.

What are the safety features in the Hyundai i10?

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Both i10 variants come standard with a Height-Adjustable Driver’s Seat, a Driver Airbag, Front and Rear Crumple Zones, as well as Side Impact Protection Beams. In fact, it has some of the best safety features in its class!

Is the Hyundai i10 reliable?

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Hyundai has built a reputation for its reliability and affordability. In fact, Hyundai is so confident in its ability to produce some of the best vehicles in the world that the current range of i10 comes standard with a 5-Year / 150 000 km Manufacturer’s Warranty, an additional 2-Year / 50 000 km Manufacturer’s Powertrain Warranty, a 5-Year / 160 000 km Anti-Perforation Warranty and a 5-Year / 150 000 km Roadside Assistance Plan.

What size engine does the Hyundai i10 have?

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Both the manual and the automatic transmission vehicles in the i10 range are powered by reliable 1.1 litre petrol driven engines. This feat of small car engineering offers a maximum power output of 50kW at 5,500rpm and maximum torque of 99Nm at 4,500rpm.

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