Hyundai i10 vs Grand i10 - Comparison
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Hyundai i10 vs Grand i10

Hyundai knew it had a hit on its hands when it launched the i10, but what they did not expect was just how popular the car would become in countries like South Africa. This is why they launched the Grand i10, and also one of the reasons why we have decided to do a Hyundai i10 vs Grand i10 Comparison. Not only will it enable you to find out what makes these two different versions of the same car tick, but it will also allow you to make an informed choice before you decide to take one of these new Hyundai automobiles for a test drive.

The Hyundai i10

Although the Hyundai i10 has be discontinued, the pre-owned Hyundai i10 remains a popular choice in South. The Hyundai i10 is a vehicle that captured the hearts of a new generation of drivers thanks to its good looks, class leading safety features and affordable price. The Hyundai i10 is also super economical, which is a great thing in the current vehicle market, and it is powered by a choice of two different engines:

1.2L Petrol 50kW @ 5000 99Nm @ 4500
1.25L Petrol 64kW @ 6000 119Nm @ 4000

We’ve mentioned the safety features of the i10 before, but what do you actually get when you purchase a new Hyundai i10 from Group 1?

The i10 Motion includes the following safety features as standard:

  • A Driver Airbag
  • Crumple Zones Front & Rear
  • Side Impact Protection Beams

The i10 Fluid and i10 Glide include the following safety features as standard:

  • ABS as well as EBD
  • A Passenger Airbag (with a disable function)

The Hyundai Grand i10

Is there a big difference between the Hyundai Grand i10 and the standard i10 in the i10 vs Grand i10 comparison? Well why not decide for yourself, as this car most certainly offers a host of amazing features at an affordable price. But then again so does the introductory level Hyundai i10. The Grand i10 is powered by the following power plant:

1.25L Petrol 64kW @ 6000 120Nm @ 4000

Make your Hyundai i10 vs Grand i10 Safety Comparison right now, by looking at the Grand safety features below and comparing them to the standard i10 safety features that we have included above. The Grand i10 comes standard with:

  • ABS
  • EBD
  • Both Driver and Passenger Airbags

Hyundai i10 vs Hyundai Grand i10

You’ve read the short comparison reviews above, but when it all comes to the real choice in our Grand i10 vs i10 comparison the final decision is all yours! We suggest that you contact us to book a test drive of one or both of these amazing vehicles and decide once and for all which car wins in our Hyundai i10 vs Grand i10 Comparison.

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All Hyundai vehicles with original warranties and/or Hyundai Service and Maintenance Plans, that expired between 1 March and 30 April 2020 will benefit from a warranty/plan extension of up to three months, until 31 May 2020.

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