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Hyundai Finance

Hyundai Finance is your passport to a world of affordable driving pleasure no matter where in South Africa you are! With our showrooms conveniently situated in both the heart of Gauteng and the Garden Route, and with the ability to deliver new and used vehicles to anywhere in the country, you can now take advantage of our generous Hyundai Finance Rates.

Hyundai Finance Deals

If you are looking for the perfect Hyundai Finance Deals to suit both your budget and your spending patterns, then you’ll be pleased to know that we at Group 1 Hyundai can offer you not one, but two Finance Deal Options. These are:

Hyundai Instalment Finance

Hyundai Instalment Finance offers you the chance to purchase a new Hyundai vehicle from us and pay for it on a monthly basis over a set period of time. The Hyundai Finance Rates payable can be either fixed or variable, the choice is yours but this will influence the overall monthly amount payable.

Residual Value Finance

Hyundai Residual Value Finance (also known as a balloon payment) offers you the chance to buy a vehicle from us and pay for it on a monthly basis, but at a lower monthly instalment. However, these types of Hyundai Finance Deals require a residual payment at the end of the payment term. This residual payment amount is determined by the vehicle age, and the period over which the payment period is scheduled.

Why Choose Hyundai Car Finance?

When purchasing a new or used Hyundai vehicle from us you can rest assured that you are being covered by LiquidCapital, one of the most trusted names in the South African Automotive Finance Industry. This means that our Hyundai Car Finance will always offer you:

  • The most competitive interest rates available to you
  • The option to include any number of approved Hyundai accessories
  • The ability of manage both your Hyundai Car Finance Account and Statement Online

Learn More About Hyundai Auto Finance

If you would like to learn more about the latest Hyundai Auto Finance Plans and how they will benefit both your pocket, as well as your ability to own the latest top of the range Hyundai vehicles, then please download our Hyundai Financial Services Brochure here. Alternatively you can contact one of our showrooms in either Gauteng or the Garden Route to enquire about Hyundai Finance from one of our highly qualified Hyundai Finance Consultants.


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