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Hyundai Creta Service
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Hyundai Creta Service

The Hyundai Creta has been referred to as “one of the world’s best SUVs”, so it stands to reason that if you’re a Creta owner you’ll want a Hyundai Creta Service that is as good as the vehicle you’re driving! This is why so many people bring their Creta SUV for a Service at Group 1 Hyundai in Midrand (Gauteng) and in Knysna (Western Cape). Not are we known for our fast and efficient Creta Service, but our highly trained automotive technicians have been trained by Hyundai to work specifically on Hyundai vehicles in our accredited Hyundai workshop. This means that you are guaranteed the best possible Hyundai Service Centre workmanship first time every time, not just for your Creta SUV but also any other Hyundai vehicle you bring to us as well!

Why Service Your Creta SUV?

When you regularly bring your Hyundai Creta for a Service you’re not only ensuring that it retains its reliability and economical driving characteristics, but also its future trade-in value. This is because a vehicle that is regularly serviced is going to retain more of its value thanks to the fact that this regular maintenance ensures ongoing vehicle safety, helps to prevent vehicle malfunctions, maintains optimum vehicle performance, ensures ongoing fuel efficiency, keeps the operating costs of the vehicle down (as fewer repairs are needed) and reduces pollution (due to mechanical integrity). It also creates a continual maintenance record which helps to ensure that more of the Creta’s book value is maintained.

Hyundai Creta Service Plan

All-new Hyundai Creta SUVs come standard with a Manufacturer’s Warranty as well as a Hyundai Creta Service Plan. This warranty and service plan is as follows:

  • 5-Year / 150 000 km Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Additional 2-Year / 50 000 km Manufacturer’s Powertrain Warranty
  • 5-Year / 90 000 km Hyundai Creta Service Plan
  • 5-Year / 150 000 km Roadside Assistance

Please note that your Hyundai Creta will have to be serviced at regular established Creta Service Intervals. Please chat to your personal Group 1 Hyundai Sales Assistant or refer to your Hyundai Creta Maintenance Manual to find out more about when to book your Hyundai Creta Service. When you book your Hyundai Creta Service at Group 1 depending on your vehicle mileage one of two servicing options will be performed on your vehicle. These are:

Hyundai Creta Service – Regular Maintenance

During the Regular Maintenance Service of your Hyundai Creta the following actions will be undertaken if no major faults are found during the running of the Creta Vehicle Diagnostic Health Check:

  • Replacement of both the engine oil and the oil filter
  • Replacement of both brake and clutch fluid
  • Replacement of the cabin air pollen filter
  • A Fuel Additive will be added
  • Creta Software and/or Firmware updates will be done if required
  • A complete diagnostic check and a reset will be done as and when is necessary

Please Note! This is the Creta Service that will most often be performed on your vehicle.

Hyundai Creta Service – Full Service

A Full Hyundai Creta Service will be required every few Service Intervals. When a Full Creta Service is undertaken, the following occurs:

  • The air conditioning and heater systems will be checked
  • The battery condition will be checked
  • Brake lines, hoses, and connections will be checked
  • Brake pads, callipers, and discs will be checked
  • The Creta cooling system will be checked
  • The Creta drive belt will be checked
  • The Creta driveshaft and CV boots will be checked
  • The vehicle exhaust system will be checked
  • Both the front suspension and the ball joints will be checked
  • The fuel filter, fuel lines, hoses, and all connections will be checked
  • The fuel tank air filter will be checked
  • The Creta transmission will be checked
  • The parking brake operation will be checked
  • The steering gear rack, linkage and boots will be checked
  • The vapour hoses and fuel filler cap will be checked

Please Note! If any issues are found during the checking of any of the above the problem and our maintenance or repair suggestion will be communicated to you. At no point will any repairs be made to your Hyundai Creta without your prior consent.

Hyundai Creta Service Cost

The Hyundai Creta Service Cost of each individual vehicle is dependent on the age, mileage and potential faults found during the maintenance and service procedures undertaken. Please chat to one of our Hyundai Creta Service Centre Team Members to find out more about the Cost of Your Creta Service.

Contact Our Hyundai Creta Service Centre

To make a service centre booking please contact our Hyundai Creta Service Centre in either Midrand or Knysna. Please ensure that you bring your Hyundai Creta Service Manual and Creta Service History Booklet with you when bringing your vehicle into our Group 1 Service Centre.

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