Hyundai Automatic Cars - i10, i20, Elantra and More!
Hyundai Automatic Cars

Hyundai Automatic Cars – Prices, Models & More!

Popular, easy to drive, economical, affordable and oh so stylish! These are just a few of the words used to describe the New Hyundai Automatic Cars that are available in South Africa at Group 1 Hyundai in Midrand and Knysna. Known for their forward thinking, Hyundai cars have both manual and automatic transmission options across the entire range, and are also at the forefront of Dual Clutch Transmission technology both here in SA and abroad.

Hyundai DCT and Automatic Transmission, What’s the Difference?

A Hyundai automatic transmission is a torque-converter automatic transmission, while a Hyundai dual-clutch transmission is a computer-operated manual transmission that uses double clutches to effect near instant gear shifting in both directions, as one clutch gears up and one down. No matter which automatic Hyundai gear option you choose, however, you are always guaranteed a reliable and fun to drive automatic gear option in every car, SUV and crossover that we offer!

Hyundai Automatic Models

Hyundai i10

i10 1.1 Motion A/T
– The Affordable Choice –

The Hyundai i10 Automatic is one of the most exciting entry level cars in South Africa, and an established frontrunner in the “best buy” market. Amazing to look at and fun to drive, the automatic transmission option is both exceptionally reliable and unbelievably affordable.

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Hyundai Grand i10

Grand i10 1.25 Fluid AT
– Do It Your Way –

Grand by name and even grander by nature, this is the entry level car that has it all! Safe, reliable, affordable and packed full of features, the Grand i10 Automatic is the first choice of a new generation of car owners that demand the very best of their vehicles.

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Hyundai i20

i20 1.4 Fluid AT
– Join the I Generation –

Possibly one of the best vehicles in its class, the Hyundai i20 Automatic is known for its exceptional responsiveness, next generation fuel efficiency and fun to drive attitude. Perfect for friends and family alike, this is the car that’ll introduce you to the i-generation!

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Hyundai i30

i30 1.6 Premium AT
– A Class Leader –

The words “Hyundai i30 Automatic” are synonymous with quality, affordability and outstanding safety features, so it should come as no surprise that this is a vehicle that offers one of the most highly rated vehicle transmissions in the local South African automotive industry.

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Hyundai Accent

Accent 1.6 Fluid AT
– Drive in Style –

Drive it, love it, own it, the Hyundai Accent Automatic is one of the best priced sedans in the country and the perfect introduction to the Hyundai brand. Built to impress, designed to last and engineered to be the best vehicle around, this is style made simple.

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Hyundai Elantra

Elantra 1.6 Premium A/T
– Elegantly Perfect –

The ever elegant, always fun Hyundai Elantra Automatic is one of Hyundai’s top selling sedans. Packed full of safety and comfort features, all of which are surrounded by an exceptionally attractive interior and exterior body design, this Hyundai packs the perfect punch in every way.

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Hyundai Elantra

Elantra 1.6 Executive A/T
– Perfection Personified –

Imagine a sedan that is perfectly safe, perfectly comfortable and perfectly priced, and you have the very much in demand Hyundai Elantra Automatic 1.6 Executive. Built with the discerning driver in mind, this is as much a family vehicle as it is a mobile luxury office.

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Hyundai Tucson

Tucson 2.0 NU Premium A/T
– An Urban Adventurer –

Live the adventure and take on the urban jungle in the relaunched Hyundai Tucson Automatic! With class leading features and an off-road attitude that is second to none, this is the automatic transmission crossover that South Africans have been waiting for.

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Hyundai Tucson

Tucson 2.0 NU Elite A/T
– Take on the World –

An unforgettable vehicle in every way, the Tucson 2.0 NU Elite with automatic transmission breaks new technological ground thanks to its advanced smart features and outstanding value. This impressive Automatic Hyundai SUV is in a league all of its own!

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Hyundai DCT Models

Hyundai Veloster

Veloster 1.6 GDI Executive DCT
– Live the Dream –

Don’t dream it, be it in the quirky and fantastically fun to drive Hyundai Veloster 1.6 GDI Executive with Dual-Clutch Transmission. With it’s sporty good looks and unique rear door layout, this is a car that not only takes you places safely but also turns heads as it does so!

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Hyundai Tucson

Tucson 1.6 T GDI Elite DCT
– Tough Yet Fun –

The Tucson is already a legendary name in the local automotive industry, but now thanks to the addition of a Dual-Clutch Transmission variant, this it is also the MUST HAVE vehicle for families and fleet managers alike. Tough and stylish, this is the SUV you’ve dreamed of owning.

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Hyundai Veloster

Veloster Turbo 1.6 T-GDI Elite DCT
– Pure Perfection –

The perfect addition to any sports car loving vehicle aficionados garage, the Veloster Turbo 1.6 T-GDI Elite with Dual-Clutch Transmission is a dream to drive and a reflection of the passion Hyundai has for designing the perfect cars for modern drivers.

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Purchase a Hyundai Automatic Today!

New Hyundai i10 Automatics, i20 Automatics, i30 Automatics or even Dual-Clutch Velosters and Tucson SUV’s, we have it all on our showroom floors in Gauteng and the Western Cape! So popular are Hyundai Automatic Transmission Vehicles in SA in fact, that we have a long history of providing both Hyundai Automatic Repairs and Used Hyundai Automatic vehicles to customers across the country. Our national new and used car delivery system even allows us to provide numerous Hyundai Automatic purchasing options to customers outside of the local areas around our showrooms in Midrand and Knysna. If you would like to know more about our Hyundai Automatic Cars and SUV range, including all of the latest i10 Automatic Price, Automatic i20 Price or Tucson Automatic Price, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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