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Hyundai Atos

2020 Hyundai

Price from R 169,500
or R 1,699pm T&C’s apply

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  • 2020 Atos
    1.1 Motion MT

    From R 169,500
    or R 1,699pm*

    R12K Cashback OR Low Installment


    • Infotainment system with Carplay
    • Bluetooth
    • Air Conditioner
    • Front Electric Windows
    • ABS Brakes
    • Driver & Passenger Airbag
    • Central Locking
    • Multifunction Steering Wheel

The Hyundai Atos monthly installment reflected for each model above is subject to *Terms and Conditions
Hyundai Atos

2020 Hyundai Atos – Packed with Potential!

The All-New 2020 Hyundai Atos is based on the Grand i10 platform, but with a look and feel all of its own, the 2020 Hyundai Atos is an Entry Level Hatchback that will most certainly not cost you the earth! It’s not only attractively priced, but it is also economical to run both in terms of fuel use and daily running costs. The design and pricing behind the latest Hyundai Atos is geared to get as many South Africans onto the road in their own stylish hatchbacks as possible. And we’re going to be honest when we say that we believe that it can be done thanks to the Affordable Hyundai Atos Hatchback, which is as BIG on style and comfort as it is on safety and convenience!

Although slightly smaller in length than the Grand i10 under which it will slot in the Hyundai New Vehicle Lineup, this New Atos still offers so much more than its previous namesake which was discontinued in 2012. This includes a new Hyundai naturally aspirated 1,1-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine which will push out 50 kW of power at 5 500 r/min and an impressive 99 Nm of torque when running at 2 800 r/min. The New Atos has a top speed of 148 km/h and comes standard with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Impressive Safety

Safety is always paramount in any new car and the New Atos does not fail to impress in this regard. It comes standard with a surprisingly high safety spec, which includes features such as ABS Brakes, Driver and Passenger Airbags, ISOFIX Child Seat Attachments and Central Locking. These combine to create a vehicle which offers higher levels of safety than many of its competitors.

Rising Above Entry Level Comfort

Entry-level does not mean you’re getting a lesser vehicle, because style, comfort and space are a part of the Hyundai Atoc package. Features include Steering Wheel Multifunction Controls for the vehicles Audio and Bluetooth Array (including Apple CarPlay) and a Boot Capacity of 235 litres.

Fun to Drive

While the Apple CarPlay will keep you tuned in to your favourite music the zippy 1086 cc, the naturally-aspirated 1.1-litre engine will have you enjoying your jaunts around the city and even the tightest of parking is a cinch in the Atos, which makes it easy as well as fun to drive across all urban regions.

Why Own an Atos?

If you are looking for an affordable yet stylish vehicle that punches well above its weight category, then the Atos is for you! It is so much more than a simple car, it is an urban companion which will serve you and your friends faithfully as you whizz from a party to class and from a friends house to your family. Book a test drive at Group 1 today and experience for yourself the life-changing Latest Hyundai Atos Hatchback.

The Hyundai Atos Fuel Consumption Chart is Very Impressive

New Hyundai Atos Fuel Consumption Figures

As one would expect, the New Atos has some very impressive Fuel Consumption Figures. This is all thanks to some very clever powerplant engineering which helps to provide the Atos hatchback with ample power without sacrificing the Hyundai Atos Fuel Consumption.

Engine Fuel Consumption
1.1 L Naturally-aspirated In-line 4 Cylinder Petrol 5.5 litres per 100kms

*Subject to our Fuel Consumption Disclaimer

Hyundai Atos Safety Features

The final 2020 Hyundai Atos Safety Features ensure that all of the right boxes are ticked and include:

  • ABS
  • Dual airbags
  • ISOFIX Child Seat Attachments
  • Central Locking

Hyundai Atos Dimensions

The All New Hyundai Atos are rather impressive:

  • Length: 3 610 mm
  • Width: 1 645 mm
  • Height: 1 560 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2 400 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 165 mm
  • Boot Capacity: 235ℓ

Hyundai Atos Colours

The latest Hyundai Atos Colours are as bold as they are tantalizing, and are sure to turn heads and win praise wherever the New Hyundai Atos goes:

  • Acid Yellow
  • Alpha Blue
  • Fiery Red
  • Polar White
  • Titan Grey
  • Typhoon Silver

Frequently Asked Hyundai Creta Questions and Answers

Which Hyundai Atos should I buy?

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Currently there is only the 1.1 Motion with Manual Transmission sold in South Africa, so we would obviously recommend that model. But just because it’s the only model doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. There are 6 colour options to choose from and it comes packed full of some of the best comfort and convenience features in its vehicle class.

What are the variants of the Hyundai Atos?

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There is the Hyundai Atos 1.1 Motion with Manual Transmission available for sale in South Africa at this time. This stylish new entry level hatchback is not only a great first time owner car but is in fact a great city car which offers both affordable driveability and a stylish urban look, but it also comes standard with an impressive range of safety and convenience features.

Which Hyundai Atos model is the best?

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The Hyundai Atos 1.1 Motion with Manual Transmission of course! And this is not simply because it is the only model variant currently sold in South Africa, but because (in our opinion) it is one of the best entry level cars sold anywhere in the world! It has a built-in Infotainment system with CarPlay as standard, has Bluetooth, comes with electric front windows and ABS brakes, and has both a passenger and driver airbag. It also has ISOFIX Child Seat Attachments, an Air Conditioner, Central Locking and Multifunction Audio and Bluetooth Controls on the Steering Wheel. So it is easy to see why we think that the Hyundai Atos 1.1 Motion is not just the best version of the Atos ever built, but also one of the best first time owners cars we have ever sold!

What is the top of the range Hyundai Atos?

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This would be the stylish new Hyundai Atos 1.1 Motion with Manual Transmission, as it is the only current model available.

What is the difference between old Hyundai Atos and new Hyundai Atos?

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The new Hyundai Atos is safer, more stylish and a more economical car to own than the previous generation of Hyundai Atos which was sold in South Africa. To take a look at the impressive features and New Hyundai Atos Specifications, please download our New Atos Brochure.

Which is better Hyundai Atos petrol or Hyundai Atos diesel?

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The New Hyundai Atos is only available as a petrol driven model. The 1.1 litre petrol engine is a 1086cc power plant which puts out 50kW at 5500 rpm and has an impressive torque rating of 99NM at 2800 rpm.

Is the Hyundai Atos available in diesel?

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No, the New Hyundai Atos is not available with a Diesel Engine at this time.

What type of automatic transmission is available in the Hyundai Atos?

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There are no automatic transmission options available in the current Hyundai Atos vehicle range.

Is there an automatic transmission version available in the Hyundai Atos?

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No, there are currently no automatic transmission options available in the New Hyundai Atos range in South Africa.

What are the safety features in the Hyundai Atos?

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The New Atos comes standard with the following safety features: ABS Brakes, Driver and Passenger Airbags, ISOFIX Child Seat Attachments and Central Locking.

Is the Hyundai Atos reliable?

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Yes it most certainly is! This latest version of the Atos has been built with the same exacting standards which have made Hyundai one of the most trusted vehicle brands not just here in South Africa but across the globe. Take one for a test drive and experience the exceptional build quality and reliability of the New Atos for yourself. Contact us today to book your Atos test dive right away!

Does the Hyundai Atos have safety airbags?

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Yes, the New Atos has both front Passenger and Driver Airbags as standard.

What size engine does the Hyundai Atos have?

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The New Atos has a 1.1-litre, 1086cc petrol driven engine.

What are the engine specifications of the Hyundai Atos?

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The engine specifications for the New Hyundai Atos are quite impressive thanks to the fuel frugal and reliable 1.1-litre engine which powers it. This 1086cc petrol engine offers an impressive 50kW of power at 5500 rpm and has a torque rating of 99NM at 2800 rpm.

What is the power of the Hyundai Atos?

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The power output of the New Hyundai atos is 50kW at 5500 rpm.

What tyres does the Hyundai Atos have?

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The New Atos comes standard with 14” tyres which have styled covers.

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