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Group 1 Hyundai

Frequently Asked Group 1 Hyundai Questions

How do you pronounce Hyundai correctly?
There are several different pronunciations for the word Hyundai. Americans mainly say “Hun-day” or “Hun-die”, however any Korean will tell you that the correct pronunciation is “Hi-un-day”.

What are the advantages of using Group1 Hyundai?
With Group1 you get to deal with a group of people who believe that customer service is what grows a successful business. You can rely on us to keep our promises and that we’ll always aim to provide the best deal possible. We know that our good service will be the reason why you’ll tell all of your friends to use Group1.

Do you do regular offers and promotions?
Yes, we schedule special deals of our own as well as supporting special promotions from Hyundai.

Where are you located?
You can find us at 2 Main Street, Garden Route, Knysna. We also regularly help people locate vehicles all over South Africa – so be sure to contact us if you need help finding your vehicle of choice.

Do you only sell used Hyundai vehicles?
No. We stock quality used cars from all manufacturers.

What assurances do I get on used vehicles?
Whether Hyundai or not, any used car you buy from Group1 Hyundai is sure to have been carefully sourced.

Are you Hyundai experts?
Absolutely! As you might expect of a Hyundai dealer, we have a great deal of knowledge of the Hyundai range of vehicles. But we are also comprised of people who have a true passion and enthusiasm for the Hyundai brand and just about everything else Hyundai.

Do you know about other cars too?
Yes. We’re motor dealer professionals and have detailed knowledge of all kinds of vehicles and specifications, both new and used.

How do I book for a service?
Just give us a call and we’ll book your car in for you. Alternatively, you can click through to the book a service page, send us the relevant details and we will call you back. Be sure to let us know the odometer reading and any particular issues you are experiencing with your car so we can check it out when you arrive.

Can you provide a trade-in value on my car?
Of course. Getting the best and most accurate valuation on your car is essential for getting value on a new purchase and planning any finance you may need.

How does Hyundai rate compared to other motor manufacturers?
The Hyundai brand has steadily been growing from strength to strength in what is otherwise a very competitive market. As a relatively new brand to the overall car-market, this Korean icon has become one of the frontrunners in the motor-trade and boasts some of the best figures and stats on all fronts, from reliability, quality and style to overall value for money.

What’s the current range of Hyundai cars?
The current range of passenger vehicles in the Hyundai range include the Hyundai Grand i10 and the Hyundai i20 to the Hyundai Atos.

What’s the current range of Hyundai recreational vehicles?
About the best and most desirable range of recreational vehicles available on South African roads (and off them) today. From the Hyundai Creta and Hyundai Santa Fe, to the Hyundai H1 Wagon, Hyundai Tucson and the new Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Venue and Hyundai PALISADE.

What’s the current range of Hyundai commercial vehicles?
The nifty Hyundai Grand i10 Cargo, handy Hyundai H1 Panel Van, the sturdy and reliable Hyundai H100 and the powerful Hyundai EX-8..

How trustworthy are the displayed fuel consumption figures?
These figures, as supplied by the manufacturer, may certainly differ in different conditions including your driving style, the condition of your vehicle and the condition and speed limit of the roads in question, therefore they should be used as a guideline and means of comparison.

Hyundai Trivia

Hyundai has been one of the most innovative South Korean vehicle manufacturers for over 4 decades. But how much do you know about this well established and highly trusted brand?

  • The Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967 and produced its first Korean designed car in 1976
  • Today Hyundai manufactures more than 4,000,000 vehicles a year in factories around the globe, including factories situated on the African continent
  • Hyundai is now seen as one of the worlds “Big 5” automobile manufacturers, along with General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota and Ford
  • Since July 2011 Hyundai has owned a large percentage of Kia Motors in Korea and around the globe
  • Hyundai annually invests billions of dollars in safety and design research and development
  • The Hyundai logo is not only a stylized version of the first letter of the Hyundai name, but it also symbolises the company and the customer shaking hands
  • Hyundai is the first vehicle manufacturer to offer its customers a 5 year / 150 000km warranty on every Hyundai vehicle that they sell
  • The name ‘Hyundai’ literally means ‘Modern era’
  • Hyundai not only builds motor vehicles, but also ships, oil rigs, microchips and consumer electronics good
  • Hyundai Automotive South Africa was selected as the Global distributor of the Year in 2005, only 5 years after Associated Motor Holdings had signed a distribution agreement with Hyundai Motor Company in Korea in 2000
  • Including Group 1 Hyundai, Hyundai SA also has an established vehicle showroom and service network of over 80 dealerships in Southern Africa
  • Hyundai operates the world’s largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility in Ulsan, South Korea
  • Hyundai employs about 75,000 people worldwide
  • Hyundai vehicles are sold in 193 countries around the globe

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