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Group 1 Hyundai Commercial Vehicles
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Group 1 Commercial Vehicles Hyundai Commercial Vehicles

Hyundai Commercial Vehicles Available at Group 1 Hyundai

If you need a commercial vehicle, company car or fleet of vans or bakkies, we have the expertise to assist you. We treat all business as big business, so whether you are medium or small, we ensure you get the best deal. Our expertise means that we can cater to any type of business, from the plumber or electrician to the entrepreneur, and as such we offer a broad range of vehicle options. With our expertise comes branding and after sales advice, providing you with a one-stop service.

Buy Hyundai Commercial Vans and Bakkies

We promise to offer you exceptional service in order to:

  • Evaluate your business needs
  • Translate them into an efficient commercial vehicle
  • Minimise the hassle for you
  • Bring you regular specials and discounts
  • Offer expert advice on all the associated administration

Hyundai Commercial Vehicle Fleet Discounts for SME Businesses

We can negotiate the best deal for you thanks to our standing in the industry and our strong ties with Hyundai South Africa, which is now manufacturing commercial vehicles locally. So whatever your needs, we’ll be sure to provide you with excellent specials and trade-ins.

Hyundai Commercial Vehicle Lineup

The H1 Panel Van is a great delivery vehicle for smaller heavy deliveries or couriers offering massive 4000 litres of load capacity and easy access via the sliding doors. The H100, HD65, and HD72, on the other hand, are delivery vans perfect for rubble removal or transporting larger items.

We operate in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape but will gladly travel far and wide to bring you a Hyundai Commercial Vehicle to test drive. Speak to a Sale Managers to Assess your Commercial Vehicle Needs Now.

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