Genuine and Certified Parts for Your Hyundai
Hyundai Parts from Group 1

Certified Hyundai Parts Supplier

At Group 1 Hyundai we use only the best parts: Hyundai Genuine or Approved parts.

You bought the best car, so why should you settle for anything but the best parts?We sell our approved Hyundai parts directly to the public.

Hyundai Certified Parts and Supplies Direct to the Public

There is nothing more pleasing than working on your own car, and that is why we have cut out the middleman and supplied Genuine and Approved Hyundai parts directly to you so that your Hyundai gets nothing but the best parts.

Using Genuine or Approved Hyundai Parts is not just about saving money, it is about the knowledge that these parts are the best quality parts for your car and will fit and work perfectly first time.

We Only Use Genuine Hyundai Parts

Unless otherwise stated, we will only use Genuine Hyundai Parts when we service or repair your vehicle. If we need to use a non-Hyundai part, like when replace your battery or sparkplugs, we will only use parts that have been approved for your Hyundai model. Our service team is so dedicated to providing the best quality service that they insist on using only Genuine or Approved Hyundai Parts.

Why Should You Insist on Genuine Hyundai Parts?

When you bought a Hyundai, you bought a quality vehicle. So why would you use anything but quality genuine parts? All of the Hyundai parts that we stock are 100% genuine or approved and available to the public at the best prices.

We ensure that our Genuine or Approved Hyundai Parts are of the of the same highest quality that you would find on any new Hyundai today. Whether you are buying a Genuine or Approved Hyundai part, you know that you are buying peace of mind.

Find your Genuine or Approved Hyundai part today by contacting our parts department.

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