Double Finish for Hyundai in Mexico

Hyundai’s WRC i20 has put it foot on the podium with a 3rd! Considering that this is Hyundai’s first rally in more than a decade and only its third rally event, this is a great improvement and Hyundai is definitely improving race on race this year!

Before the race Hyundai set out to ensure that both of its vehicles would finish the race, something that it had failed to do in Monte Carlo or Sweden, and easing back a little seems to have helped both drivers to focus on the driving rather than on the podium. Hopefully Hyundai can take what they have learned from this race and apply it to the upcoming race in Portugal!

Here are the round up videos from the race:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Next step: 1st in Portugal!

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