A Checklist for Buying Used Cars

The Group 1 Hyundai Guide to Buying a Used Car

Buying a Used Car – Here is a useful checklist

So you’ve decided to purchase a Used Car and would like to know what you need to check to ensure that you’re getting the best deal? Well, we at Group 1 Hyundai are only too happy to help, and have provided a Checklist for Buying Used Cars that should help ensure that you get the best deal. Please feel free to use it when purchasing a used vehicle from us, from private sellers, or from any other dealership nationwide.

When purchasing a Used Hyundai, always check the following:

The Vehicle Exterior

Always ask the salesperson you are dealing with to talk you through the exterior of the car. Examine it yourself as they take you through it, and ensure that there is no rust or repainting that has occurred. Also take a look at the wheel arches and keep an eye out for replacement panels. Ask questions about the car and its previous owner.

The Wheels and Tyres

Check the four wheels, as well as the spare tyre for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Do not accept large dents and bent wheels as they can causes problems later down the line. Small grazes on the wheel rims and tyres are acceptable however as they occur during the course of normal driving. If you notice splits, cuts or bulges on a tyre, insist that the tyre is replaced before you consider purchasing the vehicle.

Under the Bonnet

Open up the bonnet and look for leaks. In fact, we suggest taking a look underneath the car and checking for water, oil or fuel leaks from the engine. Remember, if these are not detected they could cost you money later on! Also check the head gasket and while testing the engine keep an eye out for blue or black smoke coming from the exhaust.

The Gearbox and Clutch

Ensure that every gear on the vehicle that you are interested in engages smoothly and quietly. Always keep in mind that the engaging point of the clutch should be approximately halfway through the pedal’s travel. If you feel that it is any further than this please speak to the salesperson, as the clutch will very likely require some maintenance before you purchase the car.

The Interior

Make sure that there are no rips or tears in the interior upholstery of the vehicle. Also keep your eyes open for burns in the seats and ALWAYS ensure that all of the cabin equipment works. It is good to keep in mind that the condition of a vehicle’s interior will usually be a good indication of the car’s age and if the mileage is accurate. While checking these things, turn on the engine and also look out for any dashboard warning lights.

The Opening and Closing of Doors

Open and shut every door to ensure that it operates smoothly. We suggest that you also examine the rubber seals on the doors for signs of paint, as this is a very good indicator of possible crash repairs that have occurred.

Take Any Potential Used Car for a Test Drive!

Once you have checked all of the above, always insist on taking the vehicle you like for a test drive. Not only will this allow you to gauge if the vehicle is the right “fit” for you, but it will allow you to identify any issues you might have overlooked.

Confidence YOU Can Drive!

One of the great things about purchasing a used Renault from Group 1, is the fact that we offer a 1000km confidence drive to all of our vehicles. This means that if you are not happy with the mechanical reliability of your vehicle, you can exchange it for one of similar value within 30 days. Please note however that terms and conditions do apply, and there needs to be a proven fault with your vehicle for the exchange to be sanctioned. To find out more about this, and our peace of mind 125 Point Used Car Quality Checklist that we use to ensure that we sell only the best pre-owned cars to our customers, please visit our “why buy select” page.

If you would like more advice on purchasing Used Cars in South Africa, then please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we’ll be able to assist you with any vehicle or trade-in questions you may have.

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