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Silver Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai’s Grand i10 Is A Small Car Legend

It seems odd to call a small car ‘Grand’ – that is big, imposing and of course expensive. In this case, you should consider three factors.

Firstly, the Hyundai Grand i10 is a higher spec version of the highly popular i10 which took the market by storm not so long ago, thus Grand.

Secondly, the small car segment is no longer equated with ‘I cannot afford anything better, so I will settle for this thing’. It has become a valid consumer behaviour for people who choose to buy what they need. Obviously, smaller costs less to buy and to run, but today’s small car is much more than the tiny skedonk of yesteryear. You choose to pay for space, size and performance you need and not pay for extra petrol, bigger tyres and more expensive maintenance.

The third factor is that the Hyundai Grand i10 transcends its size. Unless you have seven children and five dogs, it will give you the feeling of space and the driving experience to match a much bigger car. Small, but Grand.

Everyone wants a safe car, but who wants an ugly car just because it is safe? The Grand i10’s looks have been significantly upgraded, along with its big car features. Just look at it! It looks good, it has attitude, and once you get inside, you may not want to leave.

In terms of safety, the i10 uses McPherson struts with shock-absorbers for the front suspension and a torsion beam with shock absorbers at the back. It comes with driver and front passenger airbags, IsoFix child-seat fittings. All models have ABS brakes and electronic brake distribution.

The Grand i10 has a pronounced grille, rounded nose, aggressive air scoops and curvy headlights. Daytime running lights and colour-matched door handles, chunky mags and a two-tone roof/pillar/mirrors on some trim levels complete the compelling package. These mirrors will demist at the touch of a button. Depending on the trim, you will get wheels ranging from 14 to 15-inch.

Aircon is non-negotiable in any new car, but not all cars come with large touchscreen infotainment systems you can access from your smartphone via USB port. There is even another USB port to charge anything that needs charging.

The new i10 comes with a 1-litre three-pot or 1.2-litre four. The three gives you 49kW and 94Nm, while the bigger unit pushes out a respectable 61kW and 114Nm. You can choose the five-speed manual or four-speed auto gearbox.

This car gives the small car equal value in the range of car sizes. If your needs encompass size, cost, safety, performance and a comfortable drive, do yourself a favour and book a test drive of the new Hyundai Grand i10 today.

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