2017 Santa Fe Takes on (and Beats) Antarctica

Antarctica Conquered - The 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe

Antarctica Conquered – The 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe

30 days, 5800km at -28o Celsius – that is what a near standard 2.2-litre diesel Hyundai Santa Fe had to be put through back in December 2016 when it became the very first passenger vehicle to be driven across the Southern continent of Antarctica. The trip, which was done between Union Camp to McMurdo, was undertaken to commemorate Shackleton’s heroic 1914 – 1916 Trans-Antarctic expedition. On this expedition, Sir Ernest Shackleton never made it across Antarctica but was instead forced to abandon the trip to save his men. In honour of this, and the brave men which he managed to save, Patrick Bergel the great grandson of Sir Ernest Shackleton himself undertook the journey his ancestor could not. This amazing trip brought to a close an adventure started more than a century ago.

Impressive? Undoubtedly! Unforgettable? Well you be the judge…

Near Standard SUV, Completely Epic Expedition!

The Santa Fe, was modified ever so slightly so that engine could use jet fuel, the petrol tank expanded, and the massive low-pressure tyres needed to traverse the icy terrain could be fitted. Once done this factory built SUV had to not only compete against extreme weather conditions, but also had to take on floating ice caps and areas of treacherous land and snow that had never had a wheeled vehicle travel over it before.

Now It’s Your Turn!

The 2017 Santa Fe is an exceptional vehicle with a thoroughbred Hyundai SUV pedigree. Tried, trusted and loved in countries and continents across the globe (including Antarctica), we think it’s now your turn to enjoy the 2017 Santa Fe. Contact us today to book a test drive!

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