Change Performance Levels With The Hyundai Mobile App

Hyundai's Industry-First Smartphone App

Hyundai’s Industry-First Smartphone App

The Hyundai Motor Group has announced the development of an industry-first smartphone app that allows users to customise primary vehicle functions. This is better known as ‘smartphone-electric vehicle pairing performance-based technology’. Drivers simply access the mobile app using their smartphones to change the performance output of their Hyundai.

Hyundai drivers can use this new technology to adjust seven specific performance features. This includes the maximum torque output, ignition, acceleration/deceleration, regenerative braking capacity, maximum speed limit, vehicle responsiveness and the amount of energy used on climate control. Drivers can also upload recommended settings from Hyundai based on specific road conditions ranging from city roads to more mountainous terrain.

Through the mobile app, drivers are given the best available settings for a pre-determined destination by calculating the remaining distance and the electric energy requirements. The ‘smartphone-electric vehicle pairing performance-based technology’ also offers a sportier driving experience thanks to recommended custom performance settings.

In addition to the driving benefits, people can share their settings online and see what other drivers prefer. All settings are stored on a server which users can access and even experiment with other drivers’ preferences. This puts the app in a category all on its own, leading from the front as Hyundai tends to do.

It’s believed that the Hyundai Motor Group will use blockchain technology to further improve data security while users upload and download their settings on the server. Blockchain will encrypt user performance parameters in a secure network by creating new data blocks and storing them in a distributed data storage system. As many of you may know, blockchain technology is the leading authority in blocking unauthorized data manipulation or hacking.

The Success Of Hyundai’s EV Pairing Technology

The reason why ‘smartphone-electric vehicle pairing performance-based technology’ is possible makes so much sense one wonders why it has taken this long. Electric vehicles have numerous properties that set them apart from conventional combustion cars; some are even customisable as we’ve learned here. Fact is, zero-emission electric vehicles offer the freedom to modify performance settings for individual driving experiences without affecting the car’s carbon footprint and that is genius.

According to JeongSoo Eo, a research fellow at Hyundai Motor Group, “As Hyundai Motor Group is planning to deploy 44 Eco-friendly models by the year 2025, including 23 electric vehicles, we see the potential of technologies and services inherent in non-combustion vehicles. By developing paradigm-shifting mobility technology like this one, we will continue to strive to improve the user experience for electric vehicles customized to individual preferences.”

Considering that electric vehicles are continually expanding on a global scale, especially in car rental or ride-sharing industries, they may be onto something even bigger. Think about it, drivers can use their own custom settings regardless of the electric vehicle they drive. If someone owns an EV with pre-selected settings, they can simply download their profile from the central server and apply it to whatever electric vehicle they hire.

While it all may seem somewhat futuristic, this new technology is already here and will most likely be implemented into all future Hyundai and Kia models. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!

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