5 Reasons Why Hyundai Is The Perfect First Car

Hyundai – The Perfect First Car

So you’ve just turned 18 and your newly earned driver’s license is now sitting snuggly in your wallet or purse. You yearn for the freedom of the road and the ability to do what you want when you want to do it. But where do you start looking for a new car, and what do you need to look for in a car during your search? Asking your parents, friends and older siblings might get you a whole lot of conflicting advice, but the truth is (and yes we are happy to admit we are biased, as we love our Hyundai brand) we think that the used and new Hyundai vehicles on our showroom floors make the best First Cars for New Drivers. This is because they are:

1. Exceptionally good value for money

Just look at the prices of our new i10 and Grand i10 range, not only are the exceptionally affordable, but they also come jam-packed full of funky convenience features and top of the range safety features. This means that you can make the most out of your budget, while still ensuring that you have a little something left over to have fun with.

2. Amazingly cheap to run

We understand that most first-time car owners don’t always have unlimited funds, so you’ll be happy to know that our fuel frugal engines are some of the most cost effective power plants in their respective classes. And this goes not just for our entry-level vehicles such as the i10 and Hyundai i20, but ALL of our vehicles!

3. Completely reliable

Hyundai has built its good name on the reliability of its vehicles, so new car owners will be happy to know that they can set off on any journey with complete peace of mind. Not only that, but it is also good to know that a reliable car is also cheaper to run as service intervals are longer and visits to the service centre fewer. So yet again it is easy to see that a ‘first car’ from Hyundai just makes the perfect financial sense!

4. Awesomely distinctive and stylish

No longer do the words automotive style and distinctive class need to cost you a fortune! This is because Hyundai has some of the best automotive designers in the world working for them, all of whom are dedicated to creating the best cars at the lowest costs to ensure your driving pleasure.

5. Perfectly comfortable inside

It is easy to see that a New Hyundai is sleek and edgy on the outside thanks to its sexy silhouette and outstanding finishings, but look inside and you’ll see that this attention to detail runs into the inside as well. In fact, the ergonomically designed cabin is packed full of features that make even the longest road trips a cinch.

Want to test drive a Hyundai Grand i10 for Sale? Then contact us today and we’ll happily let you put one of our amazing vehicles through its paces.

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