A New Hyundai ‘N’ Model Could Be On The Cards

new Hyundai N model

New Hyundai N Model Coming In 2022?

Adding to Hyundai’s already impressive range of vehicles across all segments, we could see a WRX-style ‘N’ model by 2022. The Korean automaker has already dazzled us with sporty excitement on the Hyundai i30 N Fastback version but they are planning something incredibly special. Some believe it will be the pinnacle of the Hyundai ‘N’ brand and dubbed it a “halo car”. Early signs suggest it will have all-wheel drive and a petrol-electric powertrain.

According to Gyoo-Heon Choi, vice president of Hyundai’s high-performance vehicle and motorsport division, “A halo car remains in our plans. It won’t come for a while yet but we know we have to make one. We are now looking at some alternative powertrains and some different options on what kinds of vehicles we might deliver and when.”

Hyundai ‘N’ Hybrid “Halo Car”

While not much is yet known about this secretive, top-end sports car, Hyundai bosses have confirmed the news and some details have been revealed. A real possibility is that the new halo car could do for Hyundai what the legendary WRX did for Subaru.

Considering the success of the Subaru WRX, Hyundai ‘N’ will have to come up with something ground-breaking. At least they have until 2022 before it goes to market and there are two things in particular that will leave any car enthusiast salivating. Hyundai will use the available time to design a hybrid powertrain to give the new ‘N’ version prodigious power while putting it through all four wheels. While it may seem like a standard setup, it certainly is not as Hyundai has a few tricks up their sleeves.

This is what Gyoo-Heon Choi had to say about the development of this ‘hybrid halo car’: “We’re developing more powerful combustion engines for future cars, but also more powerful electric powertrains; experimental performance fuel cells, too.”

Further to that, Choi added, “Conventional four-wheel drive is an option for the [halo] car, but it is very old technology. I would prefer to think about a front-engined hybridised platform with a rear-mounted electric motor; it’s an appealing direction for us.”

You can’t argue with that summation as a front-engine hybrid platform with new AWD technology and a rear-mounted electric motor could be a remarkable system for Hyundai.

Possible Performance And Specifications

While there is no indication of what shape the halo Hyundai will take, it is likely to be a high-performance sedan. It could match the likes of the Kia Stinger but chances are it will be a sporty two-door coupe.

If you think about it, combining the existing Hyundai ‘N’ four-cylinder engine driving the front wheels and the Hyundai Kona’s electric powertrain, driving the rear, creating a car offering more than 370kW is already a real possibility. Let’s be honest, that sounds a lot like something the Hyundai ‘N’ division boss, Albert Biermann, would look into. After all, he is the former boss of the M house at BMW.

Whether or not the new N-branded Hyundai will be available in South Africa remains to be seen. All we know is that this could be another defining moment for Hyundai and can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring. Please follow us on Facebook and read our blog posts for more updates on this story and other interesting automotive news from around the world.

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