The ‘i’ in the new Hyundai ix35

The ‘i’ in the new Hyundai ix35

The ‘i’ in the new Hyundai ix35

“Inspiring, intelligent and innovative.” These three ‘i’s’ exemplify the ‘i’ in the ix35 line of cars.” That is how the automaker describes the latest-generation Hyundai ix35 – also noting that those ‘i’s’ describe the spirit of its drivers. We could nominate many more ‘i’s’: intuitive and imaginative to start.

With the launch a couple of months ago, the first few press photographs of the ix35, with its white suit and black detail, were reminiscent of a young James Bond. Street-wise but smooth, bold but charming, always daring. This next-generation ix35 retains the silhouette and features of the previous version: electric stability control (ESC), rear-view touch screen, climate control, integrated Bluetooth, panorama sunroof and no-key ignition. (Note: Certain features available as optional features)

Hyundai ix35 sports a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, with a direct-injection two-litre fuel engine that improves power, torque and fuel-efficiency. The strut front, rear multi-link suspension (for models with downhill brake control (DBC) and hill-start assist control (HAC)) and Flex Steering system contribute to the fluid handling of this new-and-improved model. Not to mention the touch screen rearview camera and park assist that can be selected.

Another unique feature of this Hyundai is the recognisable lights. The LED headlamps of the new model follow the curve of the bonnet, while the taillights mirror that curve: they taper towards the shoulder, with running daytime lights on the bumper and a high-mounted stop lamp on the spoiler. Visibility is enhanced with projector headlamps that focus the beams, fog lamps and rear combination lamps.

Another ‘i’ to be nominated for the ‘i’ in ix35 is ‘intuitive’. The Hyundai ix35 is a SUV (sport utility vehicle) as well as lifestyle car and can be customised to its driver’s preferences. For example, the front and back seats adjust from upright to flat, and the back seats split and fold to accommodate extra luggage. In fact, visit our Hyundai ix35 page to read more on available features.

The one Hyundai value that will never change is safety. Trademark Hyundai features include ESC, which prevents the car from spinning or flipping when the driver brakes or turns suddenly. Six airbags now open at lower speeds and the seatbelts release with less impact and more flexibility.

The Hyundai ix35 is itself a rethinking of the Hyundai Tucson, first released in 2009. Since then the compact SUV has become one of Hyundai’s most popular car ranges, combining bold curves and versatility with the Hyundai Tucson’s track record and popularity. In 2015, the Hyundai ix35 is more powerful, more intuitive and safer.

What has not changed is the car’s inspiration: ‘inspiring, intelligent and innovative’. Request a test drive today!

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