Hyundai Builds The World’s Most Eco-friendly Concept Car

Hyundai Sopabox Car Teaser

Hyundai’s Soapbox Car

Hyundai has revealed a teaser of its new concept car which they plan on launching in Europe soon. A recent silhouette of the Hyundai Soapbox car shares some design details with the 45 Concept Car which made headlines a little more than a year ago.

The Hyundai Soapbox car is painted yellow with the carmaker’s logo visible on the side. It features an angled body design of about 45-degrees with exposed wheels and a low wheelbase giving it a more dynamic look. Look closely and you’ll see long, straight lines stretching at an angle across the Hyundai Soapbox car which is, once again, inspired by the 45 Concept Car.

How Does The Hyundai Soapbox Car Work?

The Hyundai Soapbox car doesn’t have an engine powered by petrol, diesel or hydrogen. It also doesn’t have electric motors so how does it work? According to Hyundai Motor, the “term ‘soapbox’ refers to a motor-less, gravity-propelled vehicle that was traditionally raced by children on a downhill road.”

Traditionally, these motor-less, gravity-propelled vehicles were made from discarded wooden soap crates but today they use more modern and sophisticated designs (and materials). They are particularly popular in Europe and North America, where many soapbox derbies take place.

Building The Hyundai Soapbox Car

The gravity-propelled soapbox ride is the product of design experts at the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center (HMETC). The primary goal was to encourage customers, families and friends to spend more time together by building their own soapbox car.

They first conceived a prototype in the workshop to ensure design feasibility from where they created a concept car. And, to keep things simple and accessible, the HMETC team made sure they only used materials which were readily available at most DIY stores. They also kept a close eye on the material cost to make sure the design remained affordable.

Hyundai’s Commitment To Clean Mobility

Hyundai plans to make the concept soapbox car available to customers in Europe, which comes shortly after the automaker increased its electric vehicle range by launching the IONIQ brand.

Hyundai is one of a few automakers developing hydrogen fuel cell systems and has ambitious targets in mind of selling 1 million battery EVs by 2025. This means taking a 10% market share and becoming a leader in the EV market within five years.

In a statement earlier this year, Hyundai said: “The launch of the IONIQ brand dedicated to EV models reinforces the company’s commitment to clean mobility and reflects its ongoing transformation as a Smart Mobility Solution Provider with zero-emissions solutions.”

With no powertrain of any kind, the soapbox concept will be the most eco-friendly car in the world but it’s not a realistic competitor to current EVs or internal combustion engine vehicles. While it’s undoubtedly a novel idea, it appears that the Hyundai Soapbox car will only be available to customers in Europe with no plans on bringing it to South Africa.

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