Hyundai’s hybrid i30 set to take Europe by storm

Hyundai i30 Hybrid

Hyundai is about to launch an all new i30 hybrid motor vehicle...

Hyundai’s first-ever plug-in hybrid car is likely to premiere before the end of 2012 while mass production will commence early 2013 according to a report in the German publication, Auto Motor and Sport Magazine.

The revolutionary hybridised i30 hatchback will allow drivers to operate in electric mode only and is expected to compete against Toyota’s hybrid, the Prius. Although no technical information regarding the advanced Hyundai hybrid’s powertrain has been made available yet, it is expected to be considerably more affordable than its market segment rivals.

The highly efficient i30 hybrid will be produced at Hyundai’s European manufacturing plant in Czech Republic and marketed exclusively in Europe at first.

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