Hyundai’s Clever Cockpit Takes The Chaos Out Of School Runs

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Hyundai Invents A Clever Cockpit

“I have spent the entire afternoon in the car, but no trip was more than four kilometres long.” This was an actual quote from a work-from-home mom in Cape Town’s southern suburbs.

If you have two kids or more at more than one school, chances are that this is your life. Every afternoon is an extra-mural merry go round.

This one must be collected at that time and dropped at cricket, while that one has music until then, after which she must be taken to extra art. Then your school communicator chimes in that music has been cancelled, and hubby calls to say his afternoon meeting has been shifted to tonight and he’s on his way home and can you eat early tonight?

No problem, according to Hyundai’s new intelligent personal cockpit. Your car will reschedule so hubby picks up the cancelled music lesson and collects from cricket, leaving your free to take to art and cricket. But you need to eat earlier, so the car will tell your kitchen to start making your supper now.

Sounds strange? It’s already happening, albeit across several unconnected platforms. Hubby will Whatsapp you his change in plans, but he won’t know about the cancelled music. The school will text you their change in plans. Google will look at your next appointment and suggest an optimal time to leave based on the traffic.

Hyundai wants to bring all these strands of your life together in your car, where you spend the afternoon anyway. This yet unnamed future feature was unveiled at the 2018 CES (formerly called Consumer Electronics Show).

Connected mobility is one of the central pillars of the car of the future, like a smartphone on wheels. Hyundai sees artificial intelligence (AI) that learns your driving patterns and your driving style. It sees your calendar and syncs it to one or more others to manage changes in time or destination. It has voice recognition that can recognise multiple topics, asking what tomorrow’s weather will be and telling your kitchen to start supper earlier.

Sounds like hell? It does when looking at it suddenly, but Hyundai’s purpose is to seamlessly merge and manage all the everyday annoyances you have to do manually in any way. A hyper-efficient cloud-based personal assistant to take the stress out of the school run. Technology makes life more complex and simpler at the same time.

The proposed sensor that monitors your heart rate and sets up a virtual consultation with your doctor? Naa. Maybe next time.

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