Hyundai Ionic Young Entrepreneurs Part 2: Lunch On Me

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Hyundai partner up with Lunch On Me

Part 2 of the young entrepreneurs’ docuseries with Hyundai Ioniq and Buzzfeed presents “How Your Leftovers Could Feed the Homeless”. The founder of Lunch On Me, LaRayia Gaston, is responsible for this incredible campaign as she inspires radical acts of kindness within the homeless community. They repurpose leftovers and deliver fresh food parcels to feed the homeless six days a week.

While LaRayia’s goal is to end starvation by redirecting waste, the primary aim is to establish the necessary connections within the community. Whichever way we look at the world, people need people and making connections will enable Lunch On Me to become a global initiative.

Using leftovers from an organic market, Lunch On Me make the community better one meal at a time in the new Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid. Every night, they collect enough food to make between 100 and 200 fresh, individually packed meals. The amazing thing is that all this food would otherwise have been thrown away.

Once a month they also organise a party at Gladys Park where they offer free haircuts, reiki healing. face painting and quality food for 500 people. It just shows how much can be done with donations and volunteers who share the same vision. These ideals are made possible with the help of like-minded people wanting to make the community a better place.

LaRayia believes that these acts of kindness on a global scale would improve the entire world one step at a time. More people should get involved to spread the word. Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful initiative, Lunch On Me!

Feeding The Skid Row Community In Los Angeles

Take a page from what Lunch On Me has achieved thus far within one of America’s biggest homeless communities. Skid Row is a place you need to see in order to really understand how dire the situation is. With around 40 000 unsheltered, homeless people, it makes absolute sense.

People in such challenging circumstances need fresh food which has become something of a privilege rather than a basic human right. That is why Lunch On Me delivers fresh food to people in Skid Row who can’t afford it. They drive around in the Hyundai Ionic Hybrid handing out various fresh food parcels to different areas. The parcels are doubled up so that everyone gets enough for at least two meals per day.

It’s truly inspiring to see all the smiles in the community. Some of the people they deliver to haven’t eaten in as much as three days. When was the last time you didn’t eat for that long? In fact, how often do you even skip a meal or throw away perfectly good food?

LaRayia believes that, “if every person gave, there would be so many more people that feel fulfilled because that giving is the only way I feel you can fill your cup!”

Visit Lunch On Me website for more information on what they do and how you can sign up to volunteer. Perhaps this inspires you enough to do something similar in a homeless community near you.

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