Hyundai To Launch Ground-Breaking Sound-Zone Tech

Hyundai Engineers Testing The New Sound Zone Technology

Hyundai Will Soon Bring Us Separate Sound-Zones

You like Vivaldi, but your kids prefer the pumping beats of Drake and Jay-Z. You need the navigation system on audio to get you to your destination safely, but your wife just got the baby to sleep in the car seat. Or perhaps you need to take an urgent business call while you’re en route to rugby practice with four unruly boys in the back seat because it’s your turn to man the carpool. We all know the frustrations of sharing the auditory space in a vehicle with the people closest to us, and there’s no denying that it can drive even the most patient person completely and utterly bonkers.

Fortunately, Hyundai has your back. Individual sound-zones within one vehicle may seem like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but our international design team has been hard at work to make this a reality for some time now (2014 to be exact), and the technology that will allow you to occupy your own auditory space in your Hyundai (without the use of earphones!) is not that far off.

Why now? Well, firstly, because technology has now developed to the point where this sort of thing is a possibility. Secondly, with the autonomous driving era edging closer, time spent in your vehicle will increasingly be used to conduct business, or catch up on correspondence and entertainment. As such, we’ll need the means to cordon off auditory spaces without the use of sound-proof partitions or earphones that cause an overall disconnect among passengers.

Employing techniques similar to those found in noise-canceling headphones, the Hyundai Separated Sound Zone technology will allow four passengers in a car to each have their own private sound system thanks to the artful placement of individual speakers. Additionally, cutting-edge software controls the reflective waves and output level of the sound it emits. Together, these technologies combine to create a permeable ‘sound-proof bubble’ that may be adjusted according to your liking.

This exciting development is just one of the areas in which Hyundai has invested time and resources over the last decade to ensure that our vehicles offer future-proof solutions for tomorrow’s drivers. For more information on the imminent launch of the sound-zone tech and when it might be available as an option on your favourite Hyundai model, get in touch with a representative at your closest dealership today. We offer unbeatable deals on all current Hyundai models and will be happy to discuss all your vehicle requirements.

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