Hyundai Santa Fe: An Investment, Not An Expense

Hyundai Santa Fe - The SUV with the Best Long Term Value Retention

Hyundai Santa Fe – The SUV with the Best Long Term Value Retention

South Africa’s criminally poor public transport system has, over the years, ensured our devolution into a one-person-one-car nation, effectively making our cars our meal ticket. For many of us, this means our cars will probably also be the most expensive thing we ever own. For even more of us, it means we’ll probably end up buying our cars (exclusively) pre-owned. In either event, we (the buyers) are confronted with a desperately difficult choice: what new car is still going to be worth something when it comes time to trade up? And: what pre-owned car is still going to be worth buying? Luckily, these two questions share an economical answer: the Hyundai Santa Fe.

The US-based company, CarGurus, recently presented the first annual Used Car Awards. Nominees included 7 categories of car, judged through professional test drive review (as well as by general user review), for long-term value retention and driver satisfaction (among others). And when they say “long term” they mean projected depreciation over a 12 year period (twice as long as most of us have to pay off our cars). The Santa Fe topped the charts in the category of full-sized crossover / SUV.

“Our rankings are about providing used-car buyers with assurance that the vehicle they choose is worth the investment,” said Amy Mueller, vice president of communications at CarGurus, “and we definitely found that to be the case with the recent Santa Fe models.” (Being models 2013 to 2016.)

“The Santa Fe is a perfect example of how Hyundai takes [value] into account so that our customers don’t just see our cars as transportation, but a viable investment in today’s car market,” said Brandon Ramirez, senior group manager of product planning at Hyundai Motor America.

While it means nothing to the South African ear to hear that the Santa Fe triumphed over such unfamiliar names as the Ford Expedition or the Dodge Durango, we very much do understand and respect such words as “comfort”, “technology”, “space” and “value retention”. The Santa Fe’s reputation as a “jack of all trades” is a true comfort to those who need a Swiss-Army car that can handle anything from rescuing wet pooches to delivering prime posies.

Don’t hesitate. Test drive a pre-owned Santa Fe today and discover for yourself what the experts have already attested to: here is a SUV for the ages!

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