Hyundai Nexo Goes The Distance

Hyundai Nexo

Hyundai’s Nexo is the first dedicated fuel cell electric vehicle

The hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo has broken the world distance record by travelling 778 km on a single ‘tank’. It beat the previous record by some margin as it still had another 49 km range left at the end of the journey.

The journey took place in France starting at the FaHyence hydrogen station in Sarreguemines with the finish line being the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace in Le Bourget near Paris the next day. They chose this location due to the Grand Est Region’s commitment to responsible mobility. The man behind the wheel was French aeronaut and president of the Solar Impulse Foundation, Bertrand Piccard.

Considering the nature of hydrogen cars, the journey produced 111.2 kg less CO2 compared to a similar petrol-powered car over the same distance. The Hyundai Nexo purified 404.6 kL of air which is the volume of air that 23 adults would breathe every day.

“With this adventure, we have proven that with clean technologies, we no longer need revolutionary experimental prototypes to break records. Everyone can now do it with standard zero-emission vehicles. A new era in performance is beginning, for the benefit of environmental protection” said Piccard.

The Future Of Hydrogen-Powered Cars

While hydrogen-powered vehicles will unlikely be mainstream any time soon, Hyundai continues to work on the technology. In fact, the automaker already started their research and development of this technology as far back as 1998. Now, thanks to breaking the world distance record, a lot of doubt has been dispelled.

Together, we need to embrace the fact that climate change is real and the Hydrogen Nexo has shown that it is possible to change our consumption sustainably. There should be no doubt that hydrogen is a realistic solution to this pressing issue. Hyundai sees respect for the environment as a growth factor and not an obstacle to future innovation.

The only real problem is infrastructure, or the lack thereof, particularly in terms of refuelling stations. However, this can be resolved over time as Hyundai believes that the refuelling conundrum could be addressed by the introduction of hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles.

Hyundai Nexo Could Be The Hydrogen Genesis

Considering Hyundai has already begun developing hydrogen-powered passenger vehicles, it won’t be long before we see hydrogen trucks hauling cargo. Compared to electric vehicle batteries, hydrogen fuel cells aren’t as heavy, bulky and limited which makes this scenario a real possibility.

As the first automaker to mass-produce hydrogen-powered vehicles, Hyundai is preparing for the future with new and improved zero-emission mobility. They are already responding to changes in the car market with their wide range of electrified powertrains.

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