Hyundai Ioniq Young Entrepreneurs Series

Qualities that reflect the Hyundai brand values are innovation, sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship. As a socially responsible company, Hyundai has always been committed to making things better. It’s at the heart of everything they do.

Not too long ago, Hyundai and Innocean partnered with BuzzFeed to develop eye-catching branded content for the launch of the all-new Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid. What the video content depicts is all about Hyundai’s “Better Drives Us” mantra with the following in mind:

  • Pass the ‘Hyundai Empathy Test’ through enriching viewers’ experience with positive content and improving their lives.
  • Inspire viewers to consider purchasing a Hyundai Ioniq and encourage them to view, share and comment on the videos.
  • Help to promote the idea that Hyundai Ioniq enables people to do the right thing and to be better without having to compromise on style and performance.

Hyundai Ioniq and Buzzfeed Docuseries

Hyundai and Innocean asked BuzzFeed to create content that delivers on Hyundai’s brand promise of “How can we make things better?” They created a docu-series highlighting people in the community who represent their ideals and those making the world around them a better place.

The response from the community and the results of Hyundai’s Young Entrepreneurs Series with BuzzFeed exceeded all expectations. So much so that each video surpassed BuzzFeed’s sharing and engagement benchmarks by some margin. Combined, these videos got more than 28.4M views, 87.6M impressions and 146K shares. Media sharing shows that good content can create a social connection between people from across the globe and various demographics. Not only that, it can encourage and promote a will to change for the better.

Among others, there were a few standout contenders and three of our favourites include:

  • “Growing New Life From Artificial Reefs” with co-founders of Blue Latitude, Amber Jackson and Emily Callahan
  • “How Your Leftovers Could Feed The Homeless” with LaRayia Gaston, founder of Lunch on Me
  • “How One Rooftop Farm Could Make Your City Better” with Kristof Grina, founder of Up Top Acres

Truth be told, the docuseries has already shown some significant real-world impact which we’ll share with you over the next few weeks. We’ll take a closer look at these videos (and possibly a few others) highlighting the motivation behind the ideas and retell the story. Don’t go anywhere as these stories are truly inspiring. Who knows, perhaps you’ll also come up with something special that could make a difference to the world around you.

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