Hyundai Poised To Enable Transition To Hydrogen Energy

Hyundai Hydrogen EV

Hyundai To Help Global Transition To Hydrogen Energy

At a recent gathering of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum, which took place in Singapore, Executive Vice Chairman Chung Eui-sun went on the record stating that the auto company is squarely committed to facilitating a global switch to green hydrogen energy in any way it can. He noted that the UN has warned that global carbon emissions have to be stymied significantly by 2030 if there is to be hope for a sustainable future.

The Bloomberg New Economy Forum meeting at which Chung Eui-sun was speaking brought together 400 preeminent market leaders who are seeking to identify emerging economic issues that world governments are unable or unwilling to address, so they may work together to tackle these issues and commit to private sector-led solutions that will yield global stability and growth. This includes environmental concerns like greenhouse gas emissions.

Executive Vice Chairman Chung Eui-sun stated that the simplest way to pave the way for a zero-emissions society is for the automotive industry to embrace hydrogen-based power that has been proven to be an effective agent to combat global climate change. The head of Hyundai’s R&D fuel cell group, Kim Sae-hoon, also spoke at the gathering and said that with the rise of machines and robots that are being developed to do pivotal societal jobs, greater energy use is inevitable and that the only way to ensure that it occurs in a sustainable fashion would be to promote the use of hydrogen.

DID YOU KNOW? Only purely electric and hydrogen-fuel-cell cars are considered 100% clean. Fuel cell cars carry hydrogen which is used to produced electricity, releasing water as a by-product. The main issue standing in the way of the global rollout of these kinds of vehicles is a lack of refueling infrastructure, especially in emerging economies. Currently, the Nordic nations of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland are blazing the trail by improving their capability to produce bio-hydrogen as part of a collaborative energy research initiative.

It will still be a while before hydrogen-powered Hyundai cars will be available in South Africa, but we will be sure to keep you informed of developments in this regard. For more information on the current Hyundai models on offer in South Africa, get in touch with your nearest Group 1 Hyundai dealer today. We offer unbeatable rates on all current Hyundai models and will be happy to discuss your requirements so we can get you behind the wheel of your ideal vehicle.

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