Hyundai Goes Green

Hyundai Leads the Way with Green Initiatives Worldwide

Hyundai Leads the Way with Green Initiatives Worldwide

The environment is a very hot topic. With global warming and climate change on the rise there is ever increasing pressure on car manufacturers to step up and be part of the solution. Not one to back down from this challenge, Hyundai is at the forefront of new green technologies and environmentally friendly initiatives.

Voted one of the world’s greenest brands, Hyundai rolled out its Blue Drive strategy several years ago, which works towards creating fuel efficient vehicles and the development of environmentally friendly vehicle technologies and production techniques. This started with some of the Hyundai models such as the i10, which is a more fuel efficient version of the Elantra and Accent.

In 2013 Hyundai Motors began production on its electrical version of the Tuscon in Korea. This model – the Tucson IX FCEV – can travel almost 600km with just one charge of its battery, which is the equivalent mileage for a tank of petrol in a combustion equivalent. Last year, in 2014, production of this model went nationwide across the United States. Hyundai are looking to set themselves apart as industry leaders in the market for affordable, electric hybrid cars. Fuel cell electric vehicles are environmentally superiors as they only release water as a by product. There are no emissions whatsoever.

While this technology is not widely available in South Africa, it is encouraging to know that one of the fastest up and coming car manufacturers is not taking a back seat when it comes to the environment.

Hyundai is not only concerned with motor vehicles and their impact on the environment. This industry leader also has several worldwide environmental initiatives in place. Their corporate social responsibility (CSR) slogan is “moving the world together” and according to senior management this is something the company takes very seriously. They have an environmental programme called Green Move, which has projects set up across the globe. Examples of these projects include an eco restoration project in Korea where the company was involved in trying to save an endangered species of butterfly and project in Inner Mongolia where the company is trying to improve the ecosystem so as to minimise desertification.

Across the board Hyundai is taking its responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants very seriously, green technologies to green projects. Let’s hope this is a reality we in South Africa can share in soon.

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