Hyundai Reveals “Iron Man” Prototype Suit

Hyundai Reveals Life-caring ExoSkeleton

Hyundai Reveals Life-caring ExoSkeleton

Hyundai is known in South Africa for designing, manufacturing and selling some of the best mid-level sedans and SUV’s on the market, but what you might not know is that they are also at the forefront of wearable robot technology! That’s right, we’re talking “Iron Man” like suits that would put men and woman inside wearable exoskeletons, and these suits could very well be part of our future sooner than you think.

The Suits is Already at a Mark II Phase

The wearable exoskeleton that Hyundai recently unveiled is actually not the first time that they have introduced the idea to the public and is in fact a Mark II suit which is based on a previous prototype of their Hyundai Life-caring ExoSkeleton (H-LEX) suit that was unveiled in 2015. There is however a huge difference in the two, as where the Mark I suit was heavy and clunky, the latest version is sleek and ergonomically designed.

Why Design These Hyundai Exoskeletons?

Not only do these Hyundai Exoskeletons offer hope to people who might never walk again, but they also have numerous industrial and military uses. They promise to increase the lifting loads beyond the scope of humans, and could even at some point in the future allow people to function in environments that previously would not have been suitable for humans.

Will it Be Available for Commercial Use?

Currently there is no word yet on when or even if Hyundai will be releasing their H-LEX MkII suit for purchase by the general public, or even what the price point would be if they do. However, with all of the current interest in Superheroes such as Iron Man doing the rounds on TV and at the movies, could it just be a matter of time before you find a pre-owned H-LEX on our Used Hyundai Vehicles page?

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