Hyundai Creta 2020 Revolutionary Second Generation

2020 Hyundai Creta

We Reviewed The 2020 Hyundai Creta

It was launched in 2014, is named after an island in the Eastern Mediterranean and last passed 500 000 sales worldwide. The Creta is a top-selling compact SUV in the Hyundai stable and to celebrate this, the Korean giant has just launched the second generation.

Like all generational evolutions, the new Creta shows major changes to both looks and features. In terms of looks, the face of the new Creta is radically different from the first generation, revolution instead of evolution. The headlights are narrower, higher and more complex, and with the pronounced grille it looks almost retro-futuristic. The sides feature aggressive sloping lines that move to the front of the car. The taillights, connected by a bold line, mirror the shape of the headlights. This brings a feeling of balance to the car.

The interior is sleek and luxurious, and the giant touchscreen and flat-bottomed steering wheel make it feel like a well-appointed fighter jet.

There are loads of evolutionary updates on the car, but five major feature updates on the 2020 Creta shifts the car up a rung on the luxury ladder.

Voice-activated Sunroof

Your panoramic sunroof will listen to you. Admittedly, you could just press a button to open your roof, but telling it is way cooler. “Hello Blue Link” will activate the voice command system, and “Open Sunroof” will let the heavens in.

Dual Clutch Transmission And 3 Engine Options

You will have the option of a 1.5-litre petrol or turbo-diesel engine, both giving 86kW, or a 104kW 1.4-litre turbo diesel if you are in a hurry. The first two are available in manual or automatic transmission, while the turbo comes with only the 7-speed DCT with paddle shifts. This gives you both automatic and ‘manual’ options.

10-inch Touchscreen Infotainment System

The most noticeable feature inside is the massive 10.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system in the middle, as well as the 7-inch display for the instrument cluster. This car is super connected, with 50 features with BlueLink.

Smart Watch

You will get a BlueLink enabled smartwatch that will allow you to start or stop the engine, lock or unlock doors and so on. It will also give you safety alerts like geo-fencing, speed alert, valet alert and idle alert. If you already own a Google, Apple or Samsung smartwatch, your Creta will speak to these as well.

Remotely Controlled Air Purifier

So who wants to get into a car filled with stale air, pollution or pollen? Not the Creta owner. This car comes with a remote-controlled air purifier that can be turned on manually with your smartwatch when you approach the car, or via the touchscreen, if you are in the car and want new air.

The South African 2020 Creta

The new generation Creta will not be available here for a while, and we don’t yet have an indication of the price. But the highly popular South African 2020 range is now for sale again, so why not have a look at which Hyundai Creta you would prefer?

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