Hyundai & Marvel Join Forces on Ant-Man 2 Promotional Drive

Purple Veloster with flames on side

Ant-Man & The Wasp Inspired Hyundai Veloster

The Hyundai Veloster is indisputably cool. It’s not often that a dream-come-true concept vehicle makes its way off of paper and onto our showroom floors, but that’s exactly what happened with this sleek hatchback/coupe. And now the Veloster has managed to up its coolness quotient yet again by aligning itself with the newly-released Marvel Studios superhero movie Ant-Man and the Wasp.

The first Ant-Man movie hit all the right notes with the superhero contingent – it was action-packed, full of beautifully choreographed battle sequences, and it had Paul Rudd. A less likely superhero has never graced our screens, but Paul Rudd as Scott Lang blew audiences away with his comically genius portrayal of a nerdy thief that is recruited by an eccentric millionaire scientist to save the world in a suit that shrinks his body while multiplying his strength. Jip – it was exactly as baffling and entertaining as it sounds.

This time around, the second film features a new superhero – the elegant and skilled Wasp, portrayed to perfection by Evangeline Lilly. Naturally, the stage was set for all sorts of entertaining shenanigans and the Hyundai team wanted in on the action. Cue: the Veloster’s first movie role.

Besides playing a pivotal role as the vehicle of choice in the Marvel film, the Veloster was also roped in to promote the film in the lead-up to its launch. This included dressing up the car as a packaged toy vehicle at the world premiere, and sponsoring the livestream runs of the Marvel digital platforms. During the live streams, the on-air personalities discussed the Veloster’s placement in the movie. There was also a scavenger hunt component to the marketing drive that challenged movie fans to find tiny toy versions of the Veloster that were placed throughout LA and served as movie passes to an exclusive screening of the movie. How cool?

It’s innovative collaborations like these that continues to put the Hyundai marketing division ahead of the pack. Our team realises that today’s consumers want their ride to speak to their style, and what better way to show them what’s possible in an Hyundai than showing then on the big screen.

For more information on the sleek Hyundai Veloster, or to organise a test drive of the Ant-Man & The Wasp superstar hatchback, get in touch with your nearest Group 1 Hyundai dealer today. We offer exceptional deals on all current Hyundai models and will be happy to discuss all your SUV requirements.

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