Hyundai to Boost its Stable with Individualised Aesthetic

New Individualised Aesthetic Design

All Hyundai drivers are not made equal. The energetic newlyweds taking off in their Elantra have a completely different set of values than the settled 40+ professionals making their way to work in a Sonata. Which begs the question – why do these two sedans essentially share a look and feel? This very important quandary has been doing the rounds at the Hyundai Motor Co. headquarters for a while, and we’re happy to report that there are some very exciting changes in the pipeline.

The so-called Hyundai ‘family look’ was cultivated to create a strong brand identity that could even be recognised from a distance, but design chiefs Luc Donckerwolke and Sang-Yup Lee believe that this approach no longer holds up in an era where consumers are likely to lose interest in an auto brand if all its models share clone-like similarities. The result? A fresh new design language that will amp up emotion and sex appeal across the board. The design team calls their new look ‘Sensuous Sportiness’.

So what can Hyundai enthusiasts look forward to? Quite a bit! Motorists have already caught a glimpse of things to come with the latest iterations of the Kona, Tucson and Santa Fe – these well-loved crossovers share certain design elements, but each boasts a singular shape with unique proportions. The recent unveilings of the HDC-2 Grandmaster SUV concept and HDC-1 Le-Fil Rouge sedan concept, in South Korea and Geneva respectively, left further enticing breadcrumbs.

According to Donckerwolke and Lee, their focus is on pairing styling and technology seamlessly with proportion and an architecture of contrast. This will be applied in everything from functional light architecture (creative application of lights on the outside of the vehicle that draws the eye along a flowing silhouette) to the balance achieved between wheelbases and rooflines with details like larger wheels and cropped overhangs.

The need for distinctive models first became apparent in South Korea, where Hyundai holds just shy of half of the full market share, and the streets were essentially awash in a sea of carbon copies. However, Donckerwolke and Lee are adamant that the new design approach will not result in a scattered, patchwork brand identity. We can look forward to an integrated approach that will tie together a fresh new lineup of Hyundai models with a strong individualised aesthetic.

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