Top Tips to Keep Your Tank Topped Up

Here are some ways you can save money with the rising price of petrol

Here are some ways you can save money with the rising price of petrol

With the recent petrol hike set to take its toll on motorists across the country we decided to look at ways to beat rising prices at the pumps. Here are a few wallet-savvy tips that WILL make a difference.

1) Shed Excess Weight

It stands to reason that the more your car weighs the more fuel it will need to carry it from A to B. So, make sure you aren’t carrying any extra weight in your car. Empty your boot of all those extra things that get thrown in there and forgotten about. For most of us, there are those things that live in the boot because they are too heavy and cumbersome to take out every time, but these are the things that are negatively impacting your fuel efficiency. Ditch those golf clubs and save cents. It seems like a simple thing but believe me, it makes a huge difference.

2) Under Pressure

Check your tyre pressure regularly and make sure all four tyres are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. Your tyre pressure can have a considerable impact on your fuel consumption – the lower the pressure on your tyres the more fuel you will burn. Every two weeks or so check your pressure. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on your wheel alignment as this can also affect the way your car runs.

3) It’s getting hot in here

One of the biggest uses of petrol in a car is the air conditioning. Not using air con is perhaps one of the most obvious and most effective ways of saving petrol.

4) The more the merrier

Carpooling is a great way to save on petrol. There is also the added bonus that it is an excellent way of combating the environmental impact of driving.

5) Don’t be idle

Avoid long periods of idling in your car. Sitting in the car with the engine running and going nowhere is a total waste of petrol, and therefore waste of money. All you are doing is burning fuel and not getting anywhere in return. Not only do many cars today have auto start-stop technology which means that they turn off in idle situations, but they no longer need warming up first thing in the morning either. Avoid traffic rush hour traffic whenever possible as this is most definitely one of those stop start situations that consumes petrol, and if you are carpooling, switch the engine off while waiting for fellow passengers.

6) Speedy Gonzales

When it comes to petrol consumption slow and steady wins the race. The faster you drive the more muscle your car needs and so the more petrol you will race through. Keep to a reasonable speed and try to keep it constant – not only will you save on petrol you will also avoid nasty speeding fines.

7) What a drag

The more aerodynamic and streamline your car, the more fuel efficient it will be. Open windows and sunroofs are a huge source of wind drag. With these open it means the air will flow through the car instead of OVER it, causing it to be slower and therefore require more fuel to speed up. Another way of increasing the aerodynamics of a car is to remove roof racks and bike racks when they are not being used.

While petrol does not look like it is going to stop rising, drivers need to do all they can do save fuel and therefore save some money. Every little bit helps these days even if you only adopt one of these top tips you will notice the difference. Driving sensibly and safely makes ‘cents’.

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