Hyundai Accent – a Good Choice for the Young Executive

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent – The Perfect Car for the Young Professional

The familiar slog of the traffic, the rush of the day-to-day, the endless meetings and business lunches… Somehow, while you weren’t looking, you’ve turned into a grown up professional who’s always on the move. And you’re still driving your first car – the only beater you could afford, the one your folks helped you out with. And it simply doesn’t say “professional”. Time for an upgrade.

What should you be looking for? If you’re shopping for your first grown up car, chances are you’re still on a budget. But now you’re older and wise enough to want something that checks all the boxes: affordable, professional and high in performance. Something that has everything you want and nothing you don’t need. Look no further.

The Hyundai Accent has a proud history and its 2016 incarnations (the 1.6 Motion and 1.6 Fluid) have gone a step beyond their previous excellence. The designers at Hyundai have taken their fluidic sculpture sensibility and created a sedan in the family car-class that exudes an understated, executive air. The elegant contours of the integrated door handles, offset by the bold lines of the bonnet and the sleek angles of the lamps, combine to communicate confidence. The practical steel wheels and side indicators of the 1.6 Motion save it from being flashy. You’ll not feel out of place parking beside your boss.

But the budding professional in you should not get hung up on the attractive exterior. After all, you’ll be spending most of your time IN the car, not outside it. Spacious is an understatement. In fact, it’s a statement you expect will echo the first time you experience the generous headroom and leg space. Front seats that adjust on three planes, not just two, ensure that you’ll always have the most comfortable ride imaginable, even on those long excursions. The patterned plastics of the interior simply look classy and the integrated Bluetooth means your meeting can continue even if you have to jet off to the next one. The standard electric windows and powerful air conditioner ensures you’ll keep your cool, even on those difficult days.

What did the designers sacrifice in engine power to put together such an affordable vehicle? Not a thing. The 1.6 litre engine is an engineering marvel, cranking out 156Nm worth of torque when you put your foot down to 4,200rpm – with plenty of power to spare for high speed overtaking at 91kW for 6,300rpm. All this without sweating your wallet as the manual 6-speed delivers 100km on as little as 6 litres of fuel.

It’s the perfect car to celebrate the start of your professional career: stylish as a suit-and-tie and powerful as an espresso, tailored for your tastes and needs. Book a test-drive today and experience the understated elegance and hard hitting high performance of the Accent 1.6 Motion and 1.6 Fluid for yourself.

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