How to Choose the Best Hyundai Service Centre!

Always Choose the Best Hyundai Service Centre!

No matter how reliable a car, SUV, LCV or Crossover may be, the fact is that there is always a chance that it will need small or even big repairs during the time that you own and drive it. Then there is also the regular servicing (which in turn can help prevent the repairs mentioned above) that you’ll need to think about. To get this done you’ll need an expert Hyundai Automotive Service Centre, one that has some of the best trained automotive technicians, as well as knowledgeable customer support staff to answer any questions you may have.

To help you find the right Hyundai Service Centre, we’ve included a number of helpful tips that will allow you to make the right decision when looking for the best Hyundai Repair Shop:

Tip 1: Looking for something local?

Then start your search for the ultimate Hyundai repair centre in your area on the internet! Google and other search engines will use your location and search history to serve up the best possible regional Hyundai service centre results.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to ask!

Do you have friends in your area that also drive a Hyundai? Then ask them where they take their vehicle for a service. There is a good chance that if they are happy with the local Hyundai service centre you will be as well.

Only approved Hyundai dealerships such as Group 1 in Midrand and Knysna, as well as other Approved Hyundai Dealers Nationally, will have a Certified Hyundai Service Centre. When using a certified Hyundai Repair Shop you are guaranteed the best customer service and that only highly trained technicians will work on your vehicle. If you are not sure if your local Hyundai service centre is certified, then ask to see their proof of certification issued by Hyundai South Africa.

Tip 3: Is the Hyundai service centre insured?

All approved Hyundai service centres should be, but it will not hurt to ask. This is because a Hyundai service centre that is insured can cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle in the unlikely event that unintentional damage is caused during the repair process.

Tip 4: Simply talk to the customer service staff at the service centre!

Hyundai is known both here in South Africa and abroad for its outstanding automotive repair customer service. To put our Hyundai approach to providing the best service centre experience possible to the test simply call us or your local Hyundai Centre and we’ll soon show why we are often voted number 1 for customer satisfaction around the globe.

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