A New Hyundai ‘N’ Model Could Be On The Cards

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new Hyundai N model

New Hyundai N Model Coming In 2022?

Adding to Hyundai’s already impressive range of vehicles across all segments, we could see a WRX-style ‘N’ model by 2022. The Korean automaker has already dazzled us with sporty excitement on the Hyundai i30 N Fastback version but they are planning something incredibly special. Some believe it will be the pinnacle of the Hyundai ‘N’ brand and dubbed it a “halo car”. Early signs suggest it will have all-wheel drive and a petrol-electric powertrain.

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The 2017 i20 Coupe WRC looks set to Lead the Pack

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The NEW 2017 Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC

At the beginning of December Hyundai unveiled its 2017 World Rally Championship contender – the new i20 coupe WRC. The big reveal took place at the Monza Rally in Italy. The new i20 coupe has been designed in line with the new World Rally Championship regulations which will allow for more powerful, lighter and aerodynamic vehicles to take the track for the hotly contested title of WRC champion.
In the words of Hyundai’s Team Principal, Michael Nandon, “The new regulations for 2017 mean wider, more powerful cars, and we’re sure next season will be an entertaining one.”

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Hyundai Motorsport confirms re-signing of its star driver for 2017

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Hyundai Motorsport and Thierry Neuville will continue their partnership in 2017

One of the key players in the World Rally Championships, Hyundai recently announced that they have renewed their contract with Belgian driver Thierry Neuville. The 28 year old superstar has been representing the Korean car company since the 2014 season. One of the original drivers for Hyundai Motorsport, the beginning of his career with Hyundai was most definitely colourful. He made a huge splash, first for using Corona beer in the Mexican Rally to fuel his radiator, then several months later he went on to win the German Rally three days after rolling, and nearly righting off his vehicle.

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Hyundai i20 WRC Takes Gold in Argentina!

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Hyundai i20 - WRC 2016 Rally Argentina

The Hyundai i20 Wins the WRC 2016 Rally Argentina

Some people said it would never happen again, but Hyundai Motorsport has proven all of the naysayers wrong and has once again taken first place in a FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) Race, this time in Argentina (the first time was in 2014 during the ADAC Rallye Deutschland).

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Rigorous Testing for World Rally Championship

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The World Rally Championship will be in its 43rd season this year. Drivers and teams battle head to head (or rather … bonnet to bonnet) in 13 rallies in four continents to reign supreme as Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) World Rally Champions. If you’re not an avid rally fanatic, let me give you a breakdown on what the event is all about:

  1. Awesomeness
  2. Highest class of international rallying – some say it’s the toughest racing competition in the world
  3. An event to test the engineering prowess of the globes leading motor manufacturers by converting 1.6-litre four-cylinder production vehicles into WRC beasts
  4. And more awesomeness … because it’s worth mentioning twice

The defending champions are Volkswagen Motorsport with Sébastien Ogier at the wheel but with the release of the Hyundai team’s latest test video, we can see (and hear) that Hyundai is pushing the new i20 hard to maximise its performance and guarentee another win.

Although there are some differences between the commercial i20 and the WRC version, the new i20 is pretty exciting to drive so why not book a test drive and feel the rally spirit even when you can’t drive at rally speeds.

Beer Saves the Day at WRC

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With the Mexican stage of the 2014 WRC wrapped by, lead Hyundai driver Thierry Neuville took a new moments away from behind the wheel and cracked open a cold beer. While this might be expected in the blistering Mexican heat, instead of drinking it, he poured it into his engine…

Beer Saves The Day

Race commentator Colin Clark tweeted this pic during the Mexican Rally

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Double Finish for Hyundai in Mexico

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Hyundai’s WRC i20 has put it foot on the podium with a 3rd! Considering that this is Hyundai’s first rally in more than a decade and only its third rally event, this is a great improvement and Hyundai is definitely improving race on race this year!

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