The All-new i20

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The All-new Hyundai i20

The All-new Hyundai i20

The all new Hyundai i20 is a redefinition of the form and features that have so captured our imaginations and loyalty. By gently resculpting the body (and vigorously reworking the features) Hyundai are out to boost the speed of the i20’s ascent. This purposeful evolution of what Hyundai’s Andreas-Christoph Hofmann authoritatively calls one of their “DNA models” will ensure the i20 a place on the top of the food chain.

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5 Reasons Why Hyundai Is The Perfect First Car

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Hyundai – The Perfect First Car

So you’ve just turned 18 and your newly earned driver’s license is now sitting snuggly in your wallet or purse. You yearn for the freedom of the road and the ability to do what you want when you want to do it. But where do you start looking for a new car, and what do you need to look for in a car during your search? Asking your parents, friends and older siblings might get you a whole lot of conflicting advice, but the truth is (and yes we are happy to admit we are biased, as we love our Hyundai brand) we think that the used and new Hyundai vehicles on our showroom floors make the best First Cars for New Drivers. This is because they are:

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Turn Heads as you turn the corner in the new generation i20

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The Head Turning Hyundai i20

The new generation Hyundai i20 is a real head turner. The hot new design, from the company’s German design centre, is everything a 21st century hatchback should be and more. This new generation model of the i20 has been designed with a new generation of drivers in mind. Technologically advanced, streamline design, power and pure style, this car not only gets you from A to B, but gets you there in a class of your own.

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The 2017 i20 Coupe WRC looks set to Lead the Pack

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The NEW 2017 Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC

At the beginning of December Hyundai unveiled its 2017 World Rally Championship contender – the new i20 coupe WRC. The big reveal took place at the Monza Rally in Italy. The new i20 coupe has been designed in line with the new World Rally Championship regulations which will allow for more powerful, lighter and aerodynamic vehicles to take the track for the hotly contested title of WRC champion.
In the words of Hyundai’s Team Principal, Michael Nandon, “The new regulations for 2017 mean wider, more powerful cars, and we’re sure next season will be an entertaining one.”

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Hyundai i20 WRC Takes Gold in Argentina!

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Hyundai i20 - WRC 2016 Rally Argentina

The Hyundai i20 Wins the WRC 2016 Rally Argentina

Some people said it would never happen again, but Hyundai Motorsport has proven all of the naysayers wrong and has once again taken first place in a FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) Race, this time in Argentina (the first time was in 2014 during the ADAC Rallye Deutschland).

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Hyundai’s i20 Leads The Hatchback Pack

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The Hyundai i20 - Cutting Edge Design and Safety Features

The Hyundai i20 – Cutting Edge Design and Safety Features

Hyundai have broken the mold with the new i20. The design is unprecedented and is, quite simply put, unprecedented. The Korean car giants have given this modest little hatchback a sporty new facelift making it a zippy little runner, and the envy of its competitors.

Hyundai have implemented their new design philosophy, Fluidic Sculpture 2.0, which is influenced by forms and shapes that you’d find in nature. Nature’s influences are very easy to see in the i20 – teardrop headlights, the honeycomb influenced hexagonal grille, the floating roof line. With elegant curves and cutting edge lines, Hyundai have described it as “the second generation of new thinking that creates new possibilities for tomorrow’s drivers, today.”

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What Hyundai’s Nürburgring Test facility Means for Your i20

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The Infamous Nurburgring Nordschleife: Sir Jackie Stewart nicknamed it

The Infamous Nurburgring Nordschleife: Sir Jackie Stewart nicknamed it “The Green Hell”

Nürburgring is the holy grail for amatuer car enthusiasts. If the holy grail smelled of burnt tyres and diesel fumes. There are few amateur drivers who wouldn’t give anything just to try the fabled 22.81km track. For Hyundai professionals, Nürburgring has a very different purpose: Ensuring that your Hyundai is one of the more durable and long lasting vehicles on the market.

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Introducing the 2015 Hyundai i20 1.4 N Series

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Introducing the 2015 Hyundai i20 1.4 N Series

The 2015 Hyundai i20 1.4 N Series

One thing that Hyundai has been missing over the past few years is a really hot sporty option. While the Hyundai Veloster might satisfy the sporting needs of most people, some of us are looking for a little more… N? Introducing the N sub-brand – Hyundai’s sporty branding first appeared in South Africa on the Hyundai i20 N.

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Why the i20 is the Perfect Road Trip Car!

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Why the i20 is the Perfect Road Trip Car!

The Hyundai i20 is the Perfect Car for a Road Trip

When it comes to road tripping, few places can compare with South Africa. We all know it! With amazing countryside and plenty of amazing things to see and do around the country, it is no wonder that people feel the need to jump in any available car and head off for the hills! But when it comes to road tripping there is one car that simply stands out from the rest by miles: the Hyundai i20.

Early starts, winter swims and driving through hot and humid Durban which means that it is going to get steamy in the car so you need a really great defog system – preferably something comes on automatically.

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5 Reasons Why the i20 Should be Your Next Car

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Winter is Coming: Preparing your Hyundai

Why Buy Hyundai? 5 Reasons Why the i20 Should be Your Next Car

There is no doubt in anybody’s minds that Hyundai’s vehicle range is just getting better and better. Whether you are looking for a good looking or a reliable or a fun to drive vehicle, the Korean car maker is checking all the blocks with its award winning vehicles.

This week I’m going to be taking a closer look at the fantastic new Hyundai i20 and show you exactly why this beauty should be parked in your driveway right now.

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