Grand i10. Remastered. Extended edition.

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The Hyundai Grand i10 Facelift

The Hyundai Grand i10 Facelift

Since its introduction to the South African market in 2014 the Hyundai Grand i10 has become a mainstay on South African roads. The plucky little hatchback seems to come standard with an almost magical ability to win the heart of anyone who sits in the driver seat for any length of time. Now, halfway through the planned lifecycle of this roaring success, Hyundai has tipped its hat to the little Grand i10 and given it a facelift.

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5 Reasons Why Hyundai Is The Perfect First Car

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Hyundai – The Perfect First Car

So you’ve just turned 18 and your newly earned driver’s license is now sitting snuggly in your wallet or purse. You yearn for the freedom of the road and the ability to do what you want when you want to do it. But where do you start looking for a new car, and what do you need to look for in a car during your search? Asking your parents, friends and older siblings might get you a whole lot of conflicting advice, but the truth is (and yes we are happy to admit we are biased, as we love our Hyundai brand) we think that the used and new Hyundai vehicles on our showroom floors make the best First Cars for New Drivers. This is because they are:

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The New Generation Hyundai i10 Hits the Road Abroad

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New Generation Hyundai i10 – 3/4 Front View

In a world where bigger is not necessarily better it is a pleasure to see the new Hyundai i10 living up to age old adage that size isn’t everything. This compact little car packs quite a punch, and thanks to the leading technology and cutting edge design from Hyundai the new generation i10 is turning heads wherever it goes. A true urban warrior, the new i10 has not been scheduled for release in South Africa as yet, but it’s turning heads in Europe wherever it goes as the ideal inner city car.

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Rumours of a Sporty Hyundai i10

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Like the i10 but worried that it looks a little tame? Don’t worry there are rumours that Hyundai are busy kitting out an i10 to make it sportier and sexier than ever. From what we can see this Hyundai i10 Sport special edition will change everything you think you know about this little town car.

A Sporty Hyundai i10

A Sporty Hyundai i10

From what we have managed to see so far, the new i10 Sport will feature a more sporty body kit complete with front, rear and side skirts, 17″ alloys, LED running lights and red and black racing decals. Inside there is more red and black theme and a partially leather interior.

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New Generation i10 Wins More Awards

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The Hyundai i10 is already famous for its great value for money and amazing fuel economy. Now this excellence has translated into massive popularity – a popularity that has resulted in naming it as the most popular in its class.

Hyundai's New Third Generation i10

Hyundai’s New Third Generation i10

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Hyundai Creates Giant 48ft Bat for Xcent

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We all know that Hyundai’s range of vehicles is beautiful and stylish, but their latest creation really has grabbed India’s attention: Their 48ft long bat!

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What NOT to do on Your Road Trip!

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South Africa is beautiful and has some of the most scenic roads you will ever drive. Sure there might be pot-holes and the price of fuel is getting insane, but road trips are still some of the best value adventures that you can have in South Africa.

Roadtripping in SA is epic, but be safe!

There is nothing quite like the endless opportunity of the open road!

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Global Fuel Prices:

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With yet another fuel price increase this month, South African’s can’t help but feel that we are paying far too much for our petrol and diesel. But take a look at this and compare our fuel prices to those around the world:


Data from World Bank

While this might not take into account the average earnings of each country, it still is worth noting that at least we are not paying $2 a liter like in Denmark!

With prices going the way they are it might be worth looking at a super fuel saver like the i10?

New Generation Hyundai i10 named AUTOBEST 2014

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Hyundai’s new third generation i10 has just been named AUTOBEST 2014 in Offenbach, Germany. The award was conferred on the i10 by a panel of experts, who were very impressed with its space, quality and handling of the car. This is the second time in the past three years that Hyundai has claimed the title, following in the footsteps of the Elantra in 2012.

“The New Generation i10 is a worthy winner, offering consumers a spacious and high-quality car. At the NAVAK [Nacionalna Vozačka Akademija] proving ground near Belgrade, Serbia, the i10 impressed the judges with its outstanding road handling abilities for such a small car,” said Dan Vardie, Chairman of AUTOBEST.

Hyundai's New Third Generation i10

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India Gets The Hyundai Grand i10

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The new premium Hyundai hatchback, the Grand i10, was recently launched in India and is already making waves in the countries competitive vehicle market. Positioned between i10 and i20, this new addition to the Hyundai range is targeted at young professionals between the ages of 25 and 35 years.

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