H100 Reasons to Buy this Bakkie

Posted by on 26 Jul 2016 under H100

The Hyundai H100

The H100, also called the Porter in some markets, is not a “bakkie” in the traditional sense but rather a small flat-bed truck. The fit-to-purpose, extremely functional design is a tip of the hat to small business owners who value dependability and versatility above traditional bells and whistles. But “small” flat bed doesn’t mean you have to think small. Large business owners in need of a large, mobile fleet will applaud the H100’s affordability every bit as much.

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Hyundai H100 pick-up revamped

Posted by on 31 May 2012 under H100


The New Look H100 Workhorse

Hyundai’s hardworking 1.3 ton truck just received a mini-makeover to give it a new look as well as a diesel engine upgrade. Good news for small to medium business owners is that it still offers a 5 year/150 000km warranty, 3 year/60 000km service plan and 5 year/150 000km roadside assistance.

Exterior changes on the Hyundai H100 include:
•    Charcoal trim on the headlamp housing
•    A revised front bumper
•    Bigger & more aerodynamic rearview mirrors

A new 2.6L naturally aspirated diesel engine producing 58kW at 3800rpm and 167Nm at 2200rpm replaces the 2.5L turbodiesel engine. Deon Sonnekus, general manager of corporate communications for Hyundai explained that durability was the reason for the switch to a non-turbo diesel powertrain, “We have replaced the engine due to the nature of the H100 bakkie as a workhorse and a demand we picked up from customers in this market segment. They are not necessarily interested in outright power (kW) but durability and running costs are important as most of these customers run businesses.”