Next-Gen Hyundai H1 Set To Launch In 2021

Posted by on 20 Apr 2020 under H1, Hyundai News, New Car Launches

2020 Hyundai H1

2020 Hyundai H1 Panel Van

The Hyundai H1 was first introduced in 2007 where a facelifted version entered the fray in 2018 with revised styling and a richer equipment list. All of the research and development over the last 13 years seems to have paid off with the third generation Hyundai H1 which will reportedly be market-ready by 2021.

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What’s New with The Hyundai H-1?

Posted by on 17 Aug 2018 under General, H1

New Hyundai H1 Bus

The New Hyundai H1 Bus

Space. Convenience. Utility. The Hyundai H-1 bus has always been an all-around people pleaser. Whether you need some extra space to cart around your crew to sports practice, have a big family that likes to get out there and explore the world, or need room to grow your business, the H-1 is the vehicle you want in your corner. Affordable, easy to maintain, fuel-efficient – what’s not to love? And now we’ve tweaked the existing model to bring you three all-new derivatives that are poised to make Hyundai bus-ownership even more effortless.

Here’s what Hyundai H-1 enthusiasts can look forward to:

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The Hyundai H1 Bus – Bring the Whole Family

Posted by on 13 Jun 2016 under H1

The Hyundai H1 Bus

The Hyundai H1 Bus – Bring the kids! Bring the dogs! Heck, bring the vacation…

Ever get the urge to just get up and go? To escape the humdrum of your everyday life and hit the road? How many times have you made it all the way to the door before reality set in: what about the kids? Who’s going make sure grandpa takes his pills? Who will feed the dogs? What about the project due on Monday? Well, thanks to Hyundai’s H1 Bus, you don’t have to compromise. The kids and grandpa and even the dogs can come along, with oodles of space left over for Monday’s project (even if it happens to be the bake-sale – the H1 Bus has space for the kitchen sink, not to mention the oven). And with nine seats in addition to 851 litres of luggage space, you can take the neighbours’ kids too. And if their parents object, well, take the parents to boot!

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The H-1: Carrying People into the Future

Posted by on 08 Mar 2016 under H1

The New and Improved Hyundai H-1

The New and Improved Hyundai H-1

In 2009 when Hyundai launched the H-1 it was a serious contender in its weight class, now the Korean car giant has updated its people carrier and the H-1 is punching way above its weight. On a par with its German counterparts in terms of performance, appearance and accessories Hyundai’s offering comes in at a much more appealing price.

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How the H-1 Van Is Business’ Best Friend

Posted by on 19 May 2015 under H1

How the H-1 Van Is Business’ Best Friend

The Hyundai H-1 Panel Van – A Business’ Best Friend

Recent figures released in the UK has shown that this is indeed the age of the Van. Both the rise in online shopping and reactions to recovering recessions have increased the sale of the humble van by more than 20% in the UK. So how can South Africans get in on the action?

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