Hyundai’s New Valve Tech Making A Big Difference

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Hyundai's CVVD Engine

Hyundai Introduces Continuous Variable Valve Duration

Now at the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing, Hyundai has declared: “A small step for a valve, a giant leap for valve kind.”

Okay, that is a bit of a stretch, but some kind of valve timing control has been around for fifty years, and Hyundai has just added the crucial next step.

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Hyundai Keeping Hydrogen In The Fuel Mix

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Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel

Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel

Around a decade ago hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were considered the solution to our dirty road networks, with only water coming out the exhaust and refueling that takes the same time as filling with petrol or diesel.

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Hyundai Motor UK’s Kona Awarded Best Green Fleet Car

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Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai Kona Electric

Earlier this year, the Hyundai Kona Electric was named ‘Best Green Fleet Car’ at the Fleet World Awards at Novotel London West. The impressive all-electric crossover showed judges its true worth by offering ‘real-world usability’ and a ‘fun driving experience’.

This award comes as no surprise really as the Korean automaker’s all-electric crossover has already made a name for itself winning other awards as well. Last year it was named Auto Express ‘Affordable Electric Car of the Year’ and ‘Car of the Year’ by Next Green Car. The Hyundai Kona Electric is the latest electrified model from the carmaker joining the Ioniq in their already impressive line-up.

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A New Hyundai ‘N’ Model Could Be On The Cards

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new Hyundai N model

New Hyundai N Model Coming In 2022?

Adding to Hyundai’s already impressive range of vehicles across all segments, we could see a WRX-style ‘N’ model by 2022. The Korean automaker has already dazzled us with sporty excitement on the Hyundai i30 N Fastback version but they are planning something incredibly special. Some believe it will be the pinnacle of the Hyundai ‘N’ brand and dubbed it a “halo car”. Early signs suggest it will have all-wheel drive and a petrol-electric powertrain.

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Hyundai Poised To Enable Transition To Hydrogen Energy

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Hyundai Hydrogen EV

Hyundai To Help Global Transition To Hydrogen Energy

At a recent gathering of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum, which took place in Singapore, Executive Vice Chairman Chung Eui-sun went on the record stating that the auto company is squarely committed to facilitating a global switch to green hydrogen energy in any way it can. He noted that the UN has warned that global carbon emissions have to be stymied significantly by 2030 if there is to be hope for a sustainable future.

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A Car that Produces Electricity?

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Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Hydrogen power. Sounds futuristic, doesn’t it? Something starring Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman (and maybe Rachel Weisz). In fact, NASA has been using liquid hydrogen as rocket fuel since the 1970s. But what we’re talking about is an even more refined application: the Hydrogen Fuel Cell, the first of which was invented – wait for it – in 1838. And in recent years, this technology has been used to power cars. Most notably, the Hyundai ix35 FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle).

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A Sneak Peek at the Hyundai Ioniq

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A Leap Forward for Hybrid Vehicles - Hyundai Ioniq

A Leap Forward for Hybrid Vehicles – Hyundai Ioniq

It’s a given fact that everyone wants to arrive in style, each to their own of course, but when driving a Hyundai you can rest assured style is guaranteed!! When Hyundai announced its plans of introducing a new eco-friendly car to its catalogue, the idea was received with considerable enthusiasm and anticipation.

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Hyundai Goes Green

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Hyundai Leads the Way with Green Initiatives Worldwide

Hyundai Leads the Way with Green Initiatives Worldwide

The environment is a very hot topic. With global warming and climate change on the rise there is ever increasing pressure on car manufacturers to step up and be part of the solution. Not one to back down from this challenge, Hyundai is at the forefront of new green technologies and environmentally friendly initiatives.

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Hyundai Offers New Android Hybrid

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Hyundai is set to bring out another hybrid vehicle this year. Except this time it is bridging the gap between your car and your phone by allowing you to connect your Android phone to your car’s media center.

Hyundai Offers New Android Hybrid

Hyundai Offers New Android Hybrid

The new service, called Android Auto, forms part of the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) and will bring your smartphone features to the new fourth generation touch screen Auto Video Navigation systems found in many latest generation Hyundai vehicles. By projecting your phone experience onto the in-dash display, drivers will have access to many of their favorite Android Apps such as Google Maps, Google Play Music and of course, many third party apps.

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Hyundai’s hybrid i30 set to take Europe by storm

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Hyundai i30 Hybrid

Hyundai is about to launch an all new i30 hybrid motor vehicle...

Hyundai’s first-ever plug-in hybrid car is likely to premiere before the end of 2012 while mass production will commence early 2013 according to a report in the German publication, Auto Motor and Sport Magazine.

The revolutionary hybridised i30 hatchback will allow drivers to operate in electric mode only and is expected to compete against Toyota’s hybrid, the Prius. Although no technical information regarding the advanced Hyundai hybrid’s powertrain has been made available yet, it is expected to be considerably more affordable than its market segment rivals.

The highly efficient i30 hybrid will be produced at Hyundai’s European manufacturing plant in Czech Republic and marketed exclusively in Europe at first.