Top American Accolade For The Hyundai Santa Fe

Posted by on 08 Apr 2021 under Hyundai News, News, Santa Fe

2021 Hyundai Santa fe

‘Best new car’- 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe

The Americans have just acknowledged what we South Africans already know: the Hyundai Santa Fe is a very, very good car.

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Artificial Intelligence Comes To Life In Your Hyundai

Posted by on 26 Mar 2021 under Future Tech, Hyundai News, Hyundai Vehicle Safety

NVIDIA AI on Hyundai dashboard

Hyundai’s connected car operating system (ccOS)

Few things satisfy as much as being proven right. Even rightish. We recently wrote about the collaboration between Hyundai and computer maker NVIDIA, where we speculated that the planned computing power would be overkill if only used as stated. We then went on a tangent about artificial intelligence (AI) and how this would change motoring.

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New Fresh-Faced Hyundai Creta Offers Great Value

Posted by on 04 Mar 2021 under Creta, Hyundai Reviews, Kona, New Car Launches

2021 Hyundai Creta

Hyundai’s new Creta is the SUV you want in 2021

The next-generation Hyundai Creta launched in the Indian market in 2020 where it fast became the best-selling SUV in its segment. Now, the new Hyundai Creta is in South Africa taking the market by storm with better styling and new engine and transmission options.

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The New Hyundai i20 Raises The Stakes Once More

Posted by on 25 Feb 2021 under Hyundai, Hyundai Reviews, i20, New Car Launches

new Hyundai i20

Hyundai’s new i20 is a stunning premium hatchback

Hyundai has long been the preferred choice when it comes to quality and affordability with many highly successful models over the years. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that the brand new Hyundai i20 is hitting the bullseye in all areas of significance.

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The Little Car That Cares – Hyundai Little Big e-Motion

Posted by on 05 Feb 2021 under Future Tech, Hyundai, News

Hyundai e-Motion

Hyundai’s Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control

Nobody has ever said: “I could really do with some time in the hospital.” Hospitals are scary and lonely, impersonal and full of strange smells and sounds. And patients are there because they are ill, so the external factors are magnified by them feeling unwell, maybe scared. Now multiply all that by a small child and hospitalisation becomes an ordeal.

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The Inner Workings Of Fuel Cell Technology

Posted by on 28 Jan 2021 under General, Green Vehicles, Hyundai

Hyundai Hydrogen Engine

Hyundai’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drivedrain

With car emissions still regarded as one of the main forms of pollution, automakers from across the world are working tirelessly toward more eco-friendly vehicles. As air quality in cities and towns are a major cause for concern, the automotive industry is looking to fuel cell technology to help create a cleaner environment and Hyundai is leading from the front.

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NVIDIA And Hyundai Brings AI To Your Car

Posted by on 07 Jan 2021 under Future Tech, Hyundai, Hyundai News

Hyundai SONATA Electric

Hyundai adds NVIDIA DRIVE to all future models from Hyundai Motor Group

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like a knife. You can use it to do good, or you can wield it to do harm. Thing is, once the knife was invented – no-one wanted to ban it because no-one could imagine living without it. So it is with AI. Elon Musk considers it one of the greatest dangers to mankind. Elon Musk also actively invests in and develops AI to make his cars better.

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Hyundai Wants To Increase Electrified Vehicle Range By 2022

Posted by on 18 Dec 2020 under General, Green Vehicles, Hyundai News

Hyundai SONATA Electric

Hyundai Aims To Introduce More Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles continue to make headlines as Hyundai Motor North America has announced ambitious plans to expand its offering even further. They plan on adding 10 electrified, eco-friendly vehicles to its production line by the end of 2022.

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A Major Boost For Hydrogen – Hyundai And Ineos Group

Posted by on 04 Dec 2020 under Green Vehicles, Hyundai, Hyundai News, Nexo

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrain

Hyundai’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrain

There are two technologies competing to replace the internal combustion engine, but it is the poultry problem all over again – the chicken and eggs. Electric cars are popular where there is a mature electric car charging infrastructure. Expensive charging infrastructure gets built where there are lots of electric cars. But at least electricity generation and distribution are mature technologies with existing networks.

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Luc Donckerwolke Returns As Hyundai Chief Creative Officer

Posted by on 20 Nov 2020 under Concept Cars, Hyundai, Hyundai News, Tucson

Luc Donckerwolke

Hyundai’s New Chief Creative Officer – Luc Donckerwolke

Luc Donckerwolke, the star designer behind the Hyundai Tucson and Genesis G80, among others, is back at the helm but this time in a brand new role as Chief Creative Officer (CCO). Hyundai Motor Co. created this role as part of its efforts to further bolster the automaker’s position as a global luxury brand.

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