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Welcome to Group 1 Hyundai SA

Hyundai has quickly become one of the most popular vehicle brands in South Africa and thanks to their comfort, value for money and stunning designs it is easy to see why. Group 1 Hyundai, one of the most trusted Hyundai dealerships in South Africa is here to bring these awards winning cars to you.

We have a wide range of brand new Hyundais waiting for you to come and test drive. Whether you are looking for a super-cool hatchback like the Hyundai i20, the sporty Hyundai Veloster, or a fleet of trustworthy H-1s, our friendly and helpful staff are here to help you find that perfect Hyundai, so that you can drive away happy!

What makes Group 1 Hyundai Different?

We pride ourselves on our exceptional sales and aftersales service at all of our dealerships through the country. We stand by our brand and our cars, so you know that when you buy a new or second hand Hyundai, you are getting the best deal!

We are also well known for our:

  • High level of commitment to the Hyundai operation in Southern Africa
  • Respected position in the South African motor trade
  • Wide range of Hyundai products and services
  • High customer service standards
  • Dedication to staff training and upliftment
  • Advanced Hyundai vehicle service facilities
  • 7 year / 200 000km warranty on all passenger and light commercial vehicles

At Group 1 Hyundai we have carefully chosen our selection of used cars so that you can be 100% assured of a top quality vehicle. With a nationwide brand presence and exceptional dealership support, you know that your second hand Hyundai is going to be reliable and trustworthy.

We always have amazing specials and offers available! Take a look at our Hyundai Specials for the latest deals.

Contact Us Today to Book Your Test Drive!

Want to get into a hot hatch? Test drive the i10, i20, i30 today. Looking for a spacious sedan? Look no further than the Elantra or Accent. Or tame the urban jungle with a smoking SUV such as the ix35 or Sante Fe! Or book a test drive in the latest Crossover edition to the Hyundai stable, the much coveted Hyundai Tucson. Book a test drive online or visit our Hyundai showrooms in Knysna and Midrand.

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